Using a good password for your Wireless Network does not necessarily mean that it will prevent others from hacking into it and using your Wireless Connection. Other people using your Wireless Connection can hog your Bandwidth and leave you with a very slow Internet Connection.If you have any doubts on whether or not your Wireless Connection is being accessed by someone else without your knowledge then you can checkĀ  out now by using a free tool-Wireless Network Watcher. This software allows you to scan your network to find who is using your network. You can also export the results and save then as .xml, .txt and a couple other formats for future use. This software is tested and working in 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 7, Windows Vista etc.

Wireless Network

Without further waiting lets move on to how to use the free tool:

  • Using Wireless Network Watcher is pretty much straight forward and simplistic. First download the file from here. It is a small file just around 250 KB. After downloading the tool extract it then run it.
  • It will scan your Network quickly and display the results. The results will display the IP Address, MAC Address and the device’s Name and Manufacturer.If you want to save the results just select all the results and click on “Save selected Items” button.
  • This would help you quickly note down the culprit who has gained access to your wireless network unauthorized.

That’s it now you can easily find out if anyone is using your Wireless connection behind your back. For more such helpful tips subscribe to our RSSĀ  Feed or like our Facebook Page.