If you want to let some else use your pc for a while and wants to find out the recent activity done to your pc by them, then here’s you could do it easily without letting them know about it.

The recent pc activity data can be helpful at times in diagnosing system problems, especially if some one asks you for a solution and you dont want them to remember each and every activity done by them on the pc, which is not practical all the time.

LastActivityView is a sleek utility that logs the users actions and changes done to a pc. It’s available for almost all Windows Platforms from Windows 2000 to Windows 8 and is surprisingly small as 121KB in size that includes it program file, help file and readme file.

LastActivityView doesn’t require to be running all the time instead, it collects the information from the system logs, prefetch and registry keys and presents it to you in an easily perceivable format.

What all data does LastActivityView track on your system ?

It collects almost all sorts of system activity including startup, shutdown, file modification (includes the file you’ve recently saved in windows), system crashes, actions done by windows installer, system restore point creations etc.

Moreover, you dont want to depend on any resource hogger applications to find out what your kids / friends have been doing on your pc.

find recent changes on pc with LastActivityView

It could track actions including running of .EXE files by the user or by any other process, open folder / file, Software Installation, Networks Connected/Disconnected, System Resume from Sleep, Software Crash etc.

LastActivityView throws on you a lot of data that are well enough to track down the system changes, that have been happened on your pc.

Limitations of LastActivityView

While it lets you track all this useful data, the author reports that, the collected data might not be exact all the time. When a change in registry key is made manually by an user or when a software modifies the keys in the windows registry, LastActivityView might be wrong with the information it provides as it collects the data from last modified time.

It lets you log only those files which has been modified by the Windows Open/ Save dialogs.

A quick wipe by system cleaning utilities like CCleaner could easily shave off the data.

Using LastActivityView

The software doesn’t require any installation and the download consists for a zip file which upon extraction would directly give you the program files. All you have to do is just run the program executable file LastActivityView.exe.

LastActivityView window pops up scanning your system and shows you the recent modifications done on your pc.

You could either copy the data or selectively save it to xml/html and other formats by pressing Ctrl + S.


LastActivityView is a freeware and besides the limitations, its just a small and helpful utility that helps you in normal cases and doesn’t require to be running in the background for collecting the system activity data.

Download LastActivityView (65KB)

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