Trying to find out when your computer was last turned on or off? There are a few ways to do it, you could use the event viewer in Windows to do it, or the command prompt. But both of them have their limitations. Here’s a pretty useful utility with which you could get a detailed report of the startup and shutdown activities of your computer.

‘TurnedOnTimesView’, by Nirsoft, is an app that help you monitor when your computer was switched on and off. Plus, it provides you with various other details which the Windows Event Viewer fails to give.

Of course, you could simply use the Event Viewer app in Windows to check the boot up and shut down times, but it’s not as easy as it is with Nirsoft’s TurnedOnTimesView.

TurnedOnTimesView Utility

In situations like, if you suspect someone else is using your system without your knowledge, TurnedOnTimesView could be of help. You just have to run the utility and it’ll display a list showing the startup and shutdown times along with other info. You could take necessary caution from then on.

BONUS TIP : To know when your computer was last turned on, type the below command in command prompt and press enter :

systeminfo | find /i “boot time”

Find Dystem Startup Time

TurnedOnTimesView displays a list which includes the times when your system was turned on and off, how long it was turned on, the reason for shutdown (if there was any specific one like a system failure) etc. The list is sorted from oldest to newest. You may change it just by clicking on any of the titles. Moving to the right, you could also get info about unexpected shutdowns (along with the cause) and about if it was a proper shutdown or a restart.

The app also extends its support to accessing the data from another computer if you are remotely connected to it.

TurnedOnTimesView does have a few limitations though. For instance, if the system was turned off due to power failure or if you erase the system log, the app won’t be listing it. And to get info regarding shutdowns due to system crashes, you have to run the app in administrator mode.  But normally, it works quite well.

TurnedOnTimesView, unfortunately supports only Windows. No installation is required. You just have to download the .zip file, unpack it and launch it right away.

Download TurnedOnTimesView

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