The most popular micro blogging platform, twitter has crossed the 15 billionth tweet today, and still going strong. find out my old tweets in twitter If you are a serious twitter user and if you are in need to find an particular tweet that you have done some days before, the twitter search will suit you. But, its limited to public time line. If you want to find out an old tweet in which your name was specified, here is a good online tool for you.

Snap Bird is an online tool which will help you find a tweet together with the keyword. Unlike twitter search tool, snap bird is not just limited to the timeline, it will also include the mentions, Direct messages etc.

find old tweets with snap bird

Snap bird provide you with the following advantages over twitter. Ability to search tweets,

  • Further back than 10 days
  • Within only your friends’ tweets
  • Within your Direct Messages
  • Within any user’s favorites

The Search options also include ability to search some ones time line, Your friends tweets, some ones favorite tweets, tweets mentioning you, your received dm’s and your sent dm’s.

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