Find Invisible Users in GTalk – The Simplest Way

Google Talk or Gtalk is among the most used instant messengers or IM’s in the world. People use gtalk for many reasons. Google has added the invisible mode feature to gtalk recently and it help us to be away from distractions and we can choose the people to whom we want to talk to. This is really a useful feature, but when we need to tell some thing that is so important (assuming he might not check the emails frequently) to our friend who is online, it becomes a problem. He might be available online but will be staying invisible to us. So here is how you can check whether a user is invisible on gtalk.

There is an easy way in gtalk itself that can be used to check whether a user is invisible.

  1. First tick the option chat off the record.
    In gmail’s inbuilt chat feature, Click the down arrow at the top-right corner of the chat window and choose Go off the record.
    chat off record in gtalk

    You will see a message saying You are now off the record after that.
    I gtalk go to Settings > chat, and tick, don’t save my chat history in my gmail account.
    Note : This should be done when he/she is online.

  2. When ever you need to check whether this user is offline or invisible, just send him/her a message.

    If the user is offline (not online). Then you will receive a message in red colour saying
    did not receive your chat
    But if the user is actually online (invisible) you wont receive this message in red colour, which means that the user has received your chat message.

Now go ahead find out the users who become stay invisible in gtalk.

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