It might be possible that some Internet Service Providers can reduce your download speed when they find that you are downloading bandwidth intensive files or streaming videos. It is embarrassing to see choppy video play back on you tube due to slow streaming speeds, though you have a fairly good internet connection with good speed.

Speed might be one of the main reason why you have opted for a far more expensive internet connection and still you get slow download speeds when in need? So, if you are in a similar situation, then its time to find out whether your isp is reducing your download speed.

Go To Glasnost and run a test. The test might take up to 500 seconds and it would check for both uploads and downloads separately. Glasnost also checks by running the tests using at different ports on your pc since ISPs can use port numbers or other transport protocol identifiers to check a flow’s treatment. For example, P2P traffic is sometimes identified based on its port numbers.

glasnost download test

A java applet runs on your system to emulate the data flow that is then used by Glasnost and the results page is displayed.
glasnost video test

You need to run the test at different times of the day mainly during peak hours and make sure you are not browsing or downloading during the test to get accurate results.

With Glasnost you can check the download speed for P2P apps like BitTorrent, eMule etc. and Email, SSH Transfer, HTTP transfer, Flash Video etc..

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