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There have beens posts on many popular blogs related with the Related Posts Widget for Blogger. I have seen many users were upset after installing the Related Posts Widget in Blogger. Most of the Related Posts Widget makes the load time of the blogs lengthier, So despite of increasing the page views the reader gets frustrated and goes away there by losing a reader and the mentioned page views. Even if you are using a cheap high speed internet also you wont get any benefit because the script for loading the Related Posts is the culprit, it takes time to load especially if you are having a lot of related articles. So here is a Related Posts Widget for Blogger which loads pretty Faster (won’t slow down your blog loading) which i also uses in my own blog ………

Special Thanks to Debajyoti Das From RealTrix for informing me about this wonderful widget.Simply adding a Related Posts Widget in blogger wont create a good impression. So you need to add a nice css code to suit your blog only then a reader will be impressed by the widget and he/she will consider reading the related posts. Before going to explain how to add the Fastest and Perfect Related Posts Widget for Blogger, let me explain the Advantages of using the Related Posts Widget in Blogger. Readers who just need the code for it can skip this section.
But you should definitely read this if you don’t know what the related posts for blogger can really do.

Advantages of using a Fast Loading Related Post Widget for Blogger

1) The Related Posts Widget Really Helps you to get more Page views on You Blog.

2) Your blogs visitors won’t leave quickly and they will stay for more time on your

3) The more the page views you get the more is the Ad impression in your website and you
will get more CTR (Click Through Ratio) So you will make More Money with Adsense and similar Advertising Programs. So making money online will become more easier for you. You need to work less to get more money online.

4) The

Related Posts Widget

in you website will help the readers to navigate through your website, so they wont get confined to a single post.

5) The

Related Posts Widget

really help when people reach specific posts in your website especially through search engines. They will then be able to discover more contents in your website and they will get impressed, and whats more if you other posts are also too good then the reader will get impressed soon and there are chances for you to get a valuable subscriber for your blog.

I hope now you have got a idea what the Really Related Posts Widget in your Website or Blog can Really Do. Now lets see

how you can add related posts widget in blogger.

There are two sections one for Beginners and one for Advanced Users.
I hope that you got what i meant.

Adding the Related Posts Widget in Your Blog (For Beginners)

Adding the Related Posts widget in blogger is an easy task.


Backing up your Blogger Template

At first go to the ” Layout ” Tab in blogger and then click the ” Edit Html ” option. and Click on Download Full Template and your Current Template Will be downloaded. So we have created a back up of your blog now. In case if any thing goes wrong you can upload this file and restore your blog to previous state.

2) Now the real process starts. Click the button below to

Add the Related Posts Widget to your sidebar of your blog

3) No need to enter the title for it because it will be shown automatically as ” Related Posts.

4) Now the Related Posts Widget will be added to your blog’s sidebar. If you want it to be shown below the Post then drag it to below ” Blog Posts ” and click on ” Save(important!).

5) Now just open any of your posts in your browser (not the front page of your blog. You can see the Related Posts showing up there.

Here is My Related Posts Widget in Action

The Fastest and Perfect Related Posts Widget for Blogger
If you are satisfied then this is it. If you need to squeeze some more from it then read on…..

Adding or Showing the Related Posts Widget below the Blog Posts / Any Where in the blog (For Advanced Users)

If you are an Advanced Blogger, then you may want to show the Related Posts widget any where in the blog

Before Reading the following steps add this following piece of codes in your template first.

Go to end of your template or search for the following in your template.


Now add this codes just above them so that it looks like this after you have added it.

<script src=’’/><script src=’’ type=’text/javascript’/>


1) If you want to show the related posts just below the blog posts.

Search for


in your blog template and add this code just below it.

It will look like this after you have added.


<div id=’related_posts’/>

2) You need to add only this simple piece of code to show Show the Related Posts widget Any where in Your Blog.

<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;’>
<div id=’related-posts’>
<div id=’related_posts’/>

Thats it you can now successfully show the related posts widget in your blog.

If you want to add style to it then here is a nice css code for you.

#related-posts {float : left;width : 580px;margin-top:20px;margin-left : 5px;margin-bottom:20px;font : 11px Verdana;margin-bottom:10px;}#related-posts .widget {list-style-type : none;margin : 5px 0 5px 0;padding : 0;}#related-posts .widget {list-style-type : none;margin : 5px 0 5px 0;padding : 0;}#related-posts .widget h2, #related-posts h2 {color : #940f04;font-size : 20px;font-weight : normal;margin : 5px 7px 0;padding : 0 0 5px;border-bottom:1px dotted #666;}#related-posts a {color : #054474;font-size : 11px;text-decoration : none;}#related-posts a:hover {color : #A91B33;text-decoration : none;}

Now if you have a doubt’s and suggestion’s related with

Adding the Related Posts Widget for Blogger,


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