Export Excel Tables to Word Correctly / Connect Excel Tables to Word without any Display Errors

Connect or move Excel Tables to Word without any Display ErrorsYou can Easily Connect Excel Tables to Word 2007 or 2003 without causing any display errors or any changes. Excel tables can be inserted in word such that any changes made in excel automatically appears in word too. This works for small tables, in case of big ones word automatically cuts off bigger ones at that end of the first pages. Since word have problems displaying excel tables as object, it is not feasible to insert these through ” Insert > Object ” in the document. So here is a way………

First select the desired are in Microsoft Excel that has to be copied with [Ctrl] + [C] in the clipboard.Now, open Microsoft word and place the cursor in the place you like the table to be appeared and select “ Edit > Paste “.In the following dialogue of the same name, select the Insert Link option and in the list “As” enter “ Rich Text Format (RTF)“. Soon after clicking on the ” OK ” button word inserts the document correctly, running through several pages in the document. By default in word the table uses the standard paragraph formatting for the table, making a few subsequent changes if necessary.

This will work with Office XP, 2003 and 2007.

If you place the cursor in the table in the word document and activate the option to view field codes using [Alt] + [F9], you will see that actual reference link to the excel table in the document.

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