Easily Find The Font Used On Selected Text in A Webpage

While browsing you might have seen a beautiful font in a website you liked. You don’t know which is that font and need to use that particular font on some where else. Comparing that font with others and identifying it can be a tiresome task. I used to find the font used in a website or webpage by looking into the source code of that particular webpage.That too takes some time since we need to trace it out from the css code used in that particular website. Also new users will find it difficult to do this job. Here is an excellent add-on for Firefox to quickly identify the fonts in a certain text used in any webpage you see.

Font Finder is a Firefox add-on that will help you to find the font used in a particular website. You only need to select some portion of the text you need and right click; the font name will be shown to you in a flash – that’s the Font Finder Add-on for Firefox. Font Finder Add-on  can also find out the Color, Decoration/Transformation, Element Details of the font and the Spacing used in that selected portion of text.

Finding out the fonts used in a webpage wont be a problem for you from now on. Webmaster’s will love this add-on for sure!

Easily Find The Font Used On Selected=

Download Font Finder Add-on for Firefox

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