Most of the twitter users show their power by the number of followers they have. So its essential to get a good number of twitter followers if you want to become a power twitter user. Many websites out there put a small twitter icon, or a follow me on twitter statement near to their subscription button in their website to get followers. But actually these things go unnoticed for most of the visitors. So creating a floating Follow me/us on Twitter button in your website will surely grab viewers attention. (Each and Every visitor to your site will notice it for sure).
When i was looking for this i came across a website called Go2Web20 which gives the same. But it had many negatives. The most weird thing i found that it is based on JavaScript, so if a visitor with JavaScript disabled on his/her browser  visits the site then its of no use. Secondly it does not work on Internet Explorer (Still most of the people use IE). So i needed an alternative for this.

I found it easier to implement the same Twitter Follow floating button with the help of CSS. So, Here is a Simple way to

Add a Floating Twitter Follow Me/US Button to your website

The advantages of this method are :

It is compatible with all browsers.

It doesn’t use JavaScript at all.

Add this CSS code to your Website First.

#twitter-follow { border: 0;position: fixed;  top: 200px; right:0;}

(Blogger users should add this before ]]></b:skin> in your template)

In the above code top: 200px; the distance from the top you can adjust it to suit your website.

Now add the following code to your Website. (For blogger users add the code in your template just after the <body> tag)

<div id=”twitter-follow”> <a href=””><img src=”” alt=”Follow Me on Twitter” /></a> </div>


Replace my name with yours. Also if you need the image to be shown on left side just replace right:0; in the css code with  left:0;Add a Floating Twitter Follow Me or US Button to your website

You can replace “” with your own twitter Follow Me/US image if you want.

Here is the link for Twitter Follow US button.

And here is the link for Twitter Follow Me ButtonAdd a Floating Twitter Follow Me or US Button to your website

You will now have a Twitter Follow Me button in your website similar to mine.

If you have any doubts regarding this comment it down.

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