Dual Boot XP and Vista (Install Xp after vista)

Vista and XP both don’t detect each other in boot.My friend informed me that the earlier way that i posted was not applicable to Windows Vista Home Basic.

Here is a way get it for all Vista Editions.

Conditions: You should have installed Windows Vista and need Xp to boot second, and when you do so , Vista wont be detected anymore, so you have to format your drives and install it again, or you have to repair Vista.

You can Dual Boot them without formatting your drives.

Assume that vista have been installed and you want to install Xp in Z:> (Z is the drive which you can choose) (may be C: etc.).

Your system now restart in XP and don’t show Vista, don’t panic! restart your system and boot from the Windows Vista DVD , and repair your current installation so that your VISTA will boot up now, and don’t show Xp.

  • Insert your Vista DVD in the drive and then move to start > all programs >accessories>on the command prompt right click and select to run as the administrator.

Then type the following commands:

  1. Using Bootsect.exe can regain the Windows Vista Master boot record and the code for booting transfers the controls to the Windows BMP. For doing this, type the command: Drive:\ boot \ bootsect.exe –NT60 All .Here Drive stands for the location of Vista DVD.
  2. Using bcdedit.exe will create entry in boot.ini file. To do this, type the below commands at the command prompt.
  3. Here Z is the location of your drive where Vista is located.
  4. Z:\Windows\system32\Bcdedit –create {ntldr} –d “describes the previous windows installed. ”
  5. Here you can give any description for the previous windows version. For example, it can be “Windows XP Sp2” or “Windows Server 2003.” on any thing you like.
  6. Drive:\Windows\system32\Bcdedit –set {ntldr} device partition=L:
  7. Here L: denotes the drive for the current(active) partition.
  8. Drive:\Windows\system32\Bcdedit –set {ntldr} path \ntldrDrive:\Windows\system32\Bcdedit –displayorder {ntldr} –addlast
  9. Now all you have to do is to just restart the system.
  10. You will now get the option to boot both Windows Vista and Windows XP.

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