Download Youtube Videos in Google Chrome Directly

Wondering how to download youtube videos in Google Chrome without any pain? Actually there are many techniques to download the videos, like there are many website that gives you direct download links to videos by pasting the video’s url, many separate softwares etc. downlad youtube videos directlyGoogle Chrome has gained the hearts of many people due to its clean looks, speed and many for many other obvious reasons. So there are many users for it now. Since almost all of us visit Youtube frequently or occasionally, its really annoying to depend on third part software’s or websites each time when you want to download a youtube video in Chrome. Downloading the videos directly will be some things great and time saving.

There are many google Chrome Extensions released for Chrome Now. I have previously posted about 10 best Google Chrome Extensions/ PluginsHere comes an extension that will help you to download videos from youtube directly to your computer.YouTube Downloader Extension For Chrome will help you in downloading videos from youtube directly.

This cool extension will add a download option in the right sidebar of you tube website when you are playing a video.

Download Youtube Videos in Chrome Directly - You Tube Downloader Extension

The Videos can be downloaded in HD, MP4, FLV and 3GP file formats.

The Extension currently supports developer build of Google Chrome 4.0 or later.

You need not worry about going for download managers and other websites when you need to download a video in you tune while using Google Chrome.

Download YouTube Downloader Extension For Google Chrome

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