Keeping your PC on all time time for downloading torrents is just not sensible. A smart way to download torrents is by using your iPhone or iPod touch. It is actually very simple and you can start downloading after a few fast steps. The only thing is that your device must be jailbroken on the existing firmware.

download torrents on your iPhone/iPod Touch

>First you need to have Jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch. Check out other posts on this site for help with jailbreaking.

>After that you need is Cydia,which is an alternative to your iPhone/iPod Touch’s installer.

>Now using Cydia install dTunes(which includes Safari download plug-ins in its installation) and Mobile Terminal.

>Now visit a torrent site of your choice in Safari and download the .torrent files.(Note that download will start only if plug-ins are installed properly)

>Then open dTunes and select the .torrent file which you downloaded using Safari.

>Now open Mobile Terminal and type the command ./gettorrent to begin downloading.(Down speed depends on not just your Internet Connection but also the number of seeds, so look for torrents with larger number of seeds.)

>After the downloads finish, you can retrieve it from root/var/mobile/Library/Downloads.