Download Purplera1n For Mac Now & Guide to Jailbreak iPhone 3GS OS 3.0

Download Purplera1n For Mac Now-Jail break iPhone 3GSJust a few days ago i made a post on Download Purplera1n and Jailbreak iPhone 3GS OS 3.0 in Windows but during that time Mac users might have been disappointed. But here is some happy news for the Mac users too.AriX and westbaer have released Purplera for Mac. But here too there is a small unhappy news The Purplera1n Tool for Intel based Mac users is only available. Purplera1n For Mac PPC users wont work at the moment.

How to Jail Break iPhone 3GS using Purplera1n For Mac Users

  • First Make sure you have taken a back up of your iPhone 3GS.
  • Now Download Purplera1n For Mac
  • Unzip all the contents of downloaded file.
  • Connect iPhone 3GS 3.0 to your PC and double click Purplera1n. Now click on make it ra1n.
  • Now Follow the on screen instructions given by the software and proceed the jail breaking Phone 3GS 3.0.

Note: Running Winter Board and purplera1n wont work together.

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