Like the Mozilla plugin developers Chrome’s plugin developers have taken up the pace towards developing addons in a flash.

google-buzz Plugin for chrome

google-buzz Plugin for chrome

With in two days after the arrival of the Google Buzz feature, Chrome extension developers have come up with the new Google Buzz Plugin/ Extension for Google Chrome. A lot of google lovers might be looking for a way to use the new Buzz feature of Google instantly. And here its is.

The Google Buzz feature has been seamlessly integrated into gmail.
If you are wondering what the Google Buzz is? Then, Google Buzz helps you share photos, videos and links publicly or privately with your friends and also helps you stay updated with the same thing that your friends do. Google Buzz has many new features like you can now view the videos inside the same window, view slideshows etc.

Well the Google Buzz extension is sleek and simple it does the job by displaying your latest Buzz on a small window. From now on you don’t need to open up gmail in a new tab for accessing the new feature from Google.

Google Buzz Extension for Chrome

Download Google Buzz Extension For Chrome

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