If you ever wanted to have your data associated with various Google Accounts stored locally on your PC, then here’s something that might be of interest to you. Google now allows you to download an archive of your data from various accounts like Google +, Google Buzz, Circles, Contacts, Drive, Picasa Web Albums, Profile data, Youtube etc. With this you could now transfer your Google+ connections to another account very easily.

Google Takeout would allow you to download data stored on google accounts to your pc. You could either download all the data in various services in one go or you could selectively choose the services which you’ll need to download the data from.

As Google Takeout allows behemoth sized file downloads, its obvious that you would end up downloading substantially large sized files if you have a lot of data stored on google accounts. This could be more for people who would have uploaded thousands of youtube videos to their youtube account.

Downloading Data From your Google Account to PC

  • Go to Google Takeout , and it will ask you to enter the google account password once, to login.
  • The next page would list the various google accounts from which you could actually download the account data.
    google takeout
  • By default you’ll be on the tab to download the data from all your google accounts at once.
  •  Switch to the Choose Services  tab if you need to selectively choose the accounts.
google takeout choose services
  • After selecting your accounts, Press CREATE ARCHIVE.
  • It would take some time (depending on the amount of data) for google to build up the data for you to start the download.

google takeout building data to download

  • If you have tons of data stored you could tick the ” Email me when ready ” option and leave. You’ll be notified once the data gets ready for download.
google takeout building data complete


  • Once the data has been processed for download it would be marked as completed and the download button would be made available.
  • The size of the download and number of files would also be shown near to the download button.
  • Now just press download to begin exporting the data.
google takeout data download
  • Once the download starts, the download could be paused and resumed later if needed.
  • Remember, your Google Account data which has been made available for download, would be only available for a week’s period (Refer to the “Created on ” and ” Available until” dates in the previous image).

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