Firebug plugin is the most used tool by web designers in Mozilla Firefox. But now many are turning towards the Google Chrome browser and the Google Team has also came up with support for extensions and the google chrome addons gallery has been put up as a result.Firebug Lite For Google Chrome

The Firebug extension/plugin is now available for Google Chrome too. Chrome fans who just uses firefox just for using the plugin can now rejoice! Firebug Lite extension For Google Chrome has been equipped with features such as inspecting HTML elements with your mouse, and live editing CSS properties etc. Firebug Lite is not a substitute for Firebug, or Chrome Developer Tools. It is a tool to be used in conjunction with these tools. With Firebug extension you can accurately measure your websites performance, its speed etc.

Firebug Plugin in Action

Features of Firebug Lite Extension For Chrome

  • Browser toolbar integration
  • Able to activate Firebug Lite for a particular domain
  • Firebug Lite will be loaded before all other scripts, allowing it to capture all console calls, and all XHR requests for that page It is faster to load, because all code and images will be store in the extension’s directory in your machine
  • Will be able to read external resources in the next version

The firebug lite extension for Chrome has some limitations too. Like Cannot read external resources, Won’t work well on pages with frames, JavaScript debugger isn’t available.

Firebug Extension in Use

How To Activate the Firebug Addon in Chrome

Activating  Firebug Lite addon is very easy. When you are on a web page, Firebug icon will be shown as gray, showing that it is deactivated. Clicking on the grey icon will activate Firebug addon for all pages in that domain, and the icon will turn orange in color.Clicking again on the icon will turn off Firebug extension.

Download Firebug Lite Extension

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