Download Delicious (Plugin) Extension For Google Chrome

delicious plugin for chromeThe faster Google chrome has been criticized for some time due to the lack of good addons or extensions support. So they have started over coming this problem. Thogh google made it just an experimental feature, it havent stopped some from developing extensions for google chrome. Amit Papnai, Delicious Extensions Team from google groups has reported that a Delicious (Plugin) extension (alpha version) for Google Chrome is now available.

Features of ‘Delicious’ (Plugin) extension for Google Chrome

This delicious extension has many good features that you will love. Especially the delicious expert users. The Delicious (Plugin) extension for Chrome allows you to sign-in and post bookmarks to your delicious account.
A button is added on the Chrome’s omni bar for sign-in/bookmarking and and also
allows you to bookmark using the Ctrl+D keyboard shortcut.
The button appears only after the only after the current page has been fully loaded.

How to Install the Delicious extension for Google Chrome
It is very easy to install the Delicious (Plugin) extension for Google Chrome. You only need to download the (Plugin) extension and drag the extension file into Google Chrome’s window to start the install.
Inorder to use the (Plugin) extension you need to enable the extensions flag.

Download Delicious (Plugin) extension for Google Chrome

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