Classic Shell is actually a library of various attributes which have been offered in the earlier versions of windows operating systems. However, some of the features were eradicated from Windows 7 and Vista. Now Classic Shell will make it possible to utilize various attributes of Windows XP and Vista in Windows 7 and  Windows 8. It will also help all those Windows 8 users missing the classic start menu.

We published a detailed guide on getting back the old start button in windows 8. Classic shell is comparatively easy method for the said purpose, but you should not miss that as well.

Classic shell is a commonly used upgrading application which recently got modified in order to well assist windows 8. The good news is that this very recent addition of Classic Shell can also be downloaded from the link provided at the end. It will simultaneously be active on x86 and x64 versions of Windows 8.

Classic Shell Sart Bar

With the help of Classic Shell for Windows 8, you can also try adding supplementary Skins for the Start Menu by downloading new skins. Although, Classic Shell contains a couple of eye-catching skins as well.

Once  you download a new skin, simply place them in the Classic Shell\Skins folder. Afterward, open the start menu settings and decide upon your new skin. One good news for the creative mind that you can craft your own skin as well.

Classic Shell Skins

The main Classic Shell tool has translations in 35 languages with regard to the elements  like the toolbar labels, the Explorer UI and the start menu items. By default, things like the settings UI, help files and the installer are only in English. Here we should pay gratitude to some supportive participants who translated Classic Shell  in other languages  like Russian , Bulgarian. German etc..


When you open the Classic Shell setting in Windows 8, you will probably find just primary settings. To get access to more settings, all you need to do is choose and go for  “All Settings” option nearby the bottom left of the window. Eventually, it would let you backup all your custom settings to an XML file. After that simply Right-click on the “Start”   and then on ” Exit” to close the application.

Classic Shell Settings


There are some important system requirements of  Classic Shell like it works on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Windows 8 CP.


Classic Shell is an extremely user friendly application , with its installation you can do following tasks:

  • Instantly modify the appearance of explorer.
  • Customize the start menu.
  • Also decide upon Windows XP classic, Windows XP simple and Windows Vista style navigation.
  • Cover up the search box.
  • Convert the classic explorer toolbar.
  • Insert icon  for common folders.
  • Show/hide the horizontal scroll bar.

Download Classic Shell for Windows 8

Are you one of those millions who missed the classic start menu? Don’t forget to let us know about your opinion in the comment section below. Keep visiting to stay along with our updates.

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