Windows 8 comes loaded with a lock screen and metro start screen that you’ll need to get past before getting to the desktop. The lock screen displays the date and time along with the network connectivity, battery status etc and start screen shows you the installed apps and settings etc.The two new introduction of the new screens are cool, but it might not be welcomed by all , mainly the desktop users.You’ll need to use the keyboard, drag the mouse or slide (Touch screen) to bypass the lock screen in Windows 8. Some users might prefer getting into their desktop as fast as possible after turning on their pc. So if you are one such user who’s accustomed to the old way of using windows, then here’s how you could directly get to the desktop.

After you’ve disabled the lock screen in windows 8, you wont be taken to the desktop directly. You still need to bypass the new metro screen to get to your desktop. So its a two step process where, we’ll see how you could bypass the lock screen and then how to disable the metro screen in windows 8.

Disabling Lock Screen in Windows 8

This method would remove the lock screen and you’d be directly taken to the login screen in windows 8 afterwards.

  • Press Win + R on your keyboard to bring up the RUN window.
  • Type gpedit.msc and press enter to bring up the Local Group Policy Editorin windows 8.
    RUN window in window 8
  • On the Local Group Policy Editor window, Navigate to

    Administrative Templates > Control Panel > Personalization

do not display lock screen option in gpedit.msc windows 8

  • Now, On the Right side on window, you’ll see the Do not display the lock screen option being listed.
  • Double Click it to bring up its corresponding options window and you’ll see three options being shown regarding the lock screen.

disabling lock screen in windows 8

  • Choose Enabled and Press OK.

You’ll no longer see the lock screen window from now on. On starting up windows 8, you’ll be directly taken to the logon screen. So, after entering your password, you’ll be taken to the Windows 8 Start Screen. Next we’ll bypass the metro window in windows 8.

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Skipping Windows 8 Metro Start Screen

Skip Metro Suite is a small app that lets you skip the start screen in windows 8 and directly get to the desktop. It provides two other options as well, to Disable the Switcher and Charms Bar in Windows 8.

skip windows 8 metro start screen

The tool has been released for windows 8 release preview and it works well on our Windows 8 RTM machine too. The download is a zip file which you need to extract to get the install file and application file. Install the app and press the windows key on your keyboard to see the app in the windows 8 start screen. Launch it and just tick the Skip Start Screen option and proceed by clicking on Save Settings.

Download Skip Metro Suite (445 KB)

From now on you’ll skip both the lock screen and the windows 8 metro start screen and get to the desktop directly.

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