Deleting Individual or Specific Search Terms/Items from the Auto Complete list

Automatic completion of text fields is a great help while doing online searches , filling online forms etc. This really help in saving a lot of time making our work faster. But unfortunately it also saves the terms entered incorrectly and every time it appears again and we again selects it by mistake. This creates a hindrance to our work.
So we need to clear out the incorrect or wrongly typed terms.In the browser, you can delete the form data through Delete in the Browser history section of the Internet options, found under “Tools>Internet options” > click ” Delete Forms”. the problem is that when you does so the entire list will get deleted.

To delete an individual item do as follows.

  1. Open a website which has input fields.
  2. Now position the cursor in the text field and start typing a term and the browser suggests some entries.
  3. Now select the term you want to delete by using the arrow keys and press [Del] button.
  4. That’s it.

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