Create a Windows Restore Point with Just One Click

The Windows Restore Utility is really a magical utility that we need. It comes to our rescue in needy situations like system wont boot, system is corrupted by virus etc. So most Windows users need to create a System Restore Point most often. As i said in the earlier post Windows usually creates System Restore Points automatically, but we cannot depend on that to be happened. It may or may not happen some times. And that too is a reason to Create A System Restore Point Manually. You need to go through many steps and wizard to do this. So here is a nice and fast way to Create Restore Point with Just One and Only One Click………

Create Restore Point with Just One ClickSingle Click Restore Point is a small executable file that do this job in a flash. You only need to be logged into Windows with administrative Rights and just run this utility. This utility does’t have an interface only it shows a Message saying that a Windows Restore Point is Created. Just that and the Restore Point is created in just One Click. The only problem is that you can’t name the Restore Point Created. It will be named by the date along with the name ” Created With SCRP Tool ” (See the Screen Shot).

Create Restore Point with Just One Click

This tool will help users who struggle to Create System Restore Points in Windowsby navigating through the control Panel. Those users will surely happy with this utility.

Download Single Click Restore Point

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