Opera users might be quite familiar with the inbuilt notes feature that allows to create notes with in the browser but firefox lacks this good feature. When we sift through a lot a information, we usually copy the important notes to the notepad or any other text editor program.notes in firefox But this consumes lot of time in the long run. Wont it be a lot easier if you can create those notes inside firefox itself?

The QuickNote addon for firefox will help you create notes in Firefox.
The small addon can easily be configured for firefox and short cuts can be assigned for it to access it instantly and create notes.

QuickNote’s Interface (As Tab) in Firefox

create notes in firefox with quicknote

Pressing CTRL+F7 quickly brings up the quicknote interface in a new tab in firefox rather than taking Tools>QuickNote.

It also have the ability to float on the screen a separate window and also reside on the sidebar.

QuickNote’s Interface (Floating) in Firefox

quicknote for firefox

You can change this via the settings of quicknote.

Going to the QuickNote settings > User Fileswill give you the ability to export the notes inside quicknote to a text file. Other settings include customizing each tab color, its font etc.

Overall quicknote is a great addon for firefox users that will help you create notes inside the browser very easily and thereby by saving your time too.

Download QuicNote Addon For Firefox

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