make ringtones for iphoneOne thing on iTunes is that you cannot create ringtones out of your favorite songs unless they are purchased from iTunes Store. Well here, we bring you a solution for you Mac users. Creating ringtones for your iPhone is a long but simple process and it might even become addictive.

>To get started download MakeiPhoneRingtone.

>This problem makes ringtones but they have to be 40 seconds long or less and needs to be in AAC format. So we first have to prepare the songs to be used in MakeiPhoneRingtone app.

>Select iTunes-Preferences-General-Import Settings. Now adjust the settings as in the picture.

settings for ringtone app

>Now find the sons you want to make ringtones out of in your iTunes library. Now right click it and select Get Info.

>Now adjust the time in options tab as shown in picture. You can select your own starting and stopping time to get the best part of the song, as long as it is less than 40 seconds.

options in ringtone app

>After Changing start and stop time right click the song and select Create AAC version. The conversion will take a few seconds per song.

>Now open MakeiPhoneRingtone and drag the newly created AAC files into it from iTunes library.

>If you make AAC files that are more than 40 seconds you will get the following warning.

ringtone app in iphone

>If you follow the steps correctly the files will come in the ringtones folder in iTunes instantaneously.

>Now just sync your iPhone to use the ringtones. Make sure you select sync ringtones before syncing.

ringtones options  sync app

You can now use the ringtones for different  contacts or for alarms. Try experimenting with the start and stop time to get best ringtones. You might even become addicted to experimenting with these ringtones.