Control Your PC Actions with Mouse Gestures - StrokeIt is Back!There might be many mouse gesture applications around the web but there is nothing that could pose as a strong rival to StrokeIt. This great mouse gesture application popped into the wild almost 8 years ago. But after February 2005 it seemed like the programs development staunched. Now Stroke it is again back in action! the program developer came up with the news that StrokeIt version 0.9.6 will run in all windows versions starting from Windows 95 to Windows 7.

The developer had added a new portable feature too. So taking the program along with us on the go wont be a problem. This is what the developer says about StrokeIt.

StrokeIt is an advanced mouse gesture recognition engine and command processor. What is a mouse gesture? Mouse gestures are simple symbols that you “draw” on your screen using your mouse. When you perform a mouse gesture that StrokeIt can recognize, it will perform the “action” associated with that gesture. In short, it’s a nifty little program that lets you easily control programs by drawing symbols with your mouse.

StrokeIt can currently recognize more than 80 unique mouse gestures and can be easily trained to recognize many more. For each gesture recognized, StrokeIt can execute a user-defined set of commands within the active application. StrokeIt commands are defined within plugin libraries that can be easily created by third parties to do nearly anything.

Control Your PC Actions with Mouse Gestures - StrokeIt is Back!

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The program supports Safari and Google Chrome too. StrokeIt can currently recognize over 80 programs. And with all these superb features available the program is absolutely Free for personal use.

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