Android market is filled with a fair share of malware at the moment when compared to other mobile platforms like iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry. In fact, Apple and RIM have brought in pretty strong security measures and apps containing malicious scripts rarely get their way through the app store.

It’s more easy for the developers to hide scripts in apps to spy your information on Android. It’ll always be safer to take some extra caution, not just on Android but in which ever platform you are. But here, we are talking about a useful app for the Android users which lets you know which app is using your device’s connectivity options with/without your permission.

Find Which App is Tracking You [Android]

‘Who is Tracking’ is a free app for Android which provides you with the list of apps installed on your device that tracks your location or any other info. Who is Tracking points out the apps that uses Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G etc and tells you why they are using it, thus letting you find suspicious app activities.

In addition to the above features, Who is Tracking also provides you options to mock your GPS data collected by apps and clear history related app data off your device.

Who is Tracking Android App

The app is available for free in the app store [Google play Link]. The publishers of the app have also mentioned about a paid version of the app which has not yet arrived in Google Play and some of the features are supported by that edition alone.

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