One of the best ways you could speed up your website is by using a cdn network. A Content Delivery Network might be hard to afford for newbie bloggers but is a must when your website grows big.

If you don’t know what a cdn is, its just a way to distribute your websites files into different high speed servers around the world so that when ever you load the particular website, it will load much faster. Since the contents are being delivered  from a server much near to you.

There are some advantages of using a cdn network

how cdn service works

#1) First and foremost, your website will load 2–3 times faster than the current speed. This would result in getting more page views for your website.

#2) As google now consider website load speed as a ranking factor, this would also help in boosting your serps (Search Engine Ranking Position).

#3) Since most of the files on your server gets delivered from the cdn servers, the load on your hosting server also decreases considerably and there wont arise a need to spend more for more bandwidth.

Should i use a CDN Network for my Website?

Still if you are in doubt whether you need to use a cdn network or not then here are some points for you to consider.

#1) A normal site visitor wont stay for long in your website if it doesn’t load fast. At least it should have an average load speed ie. under 10 seconds.

#2) Using a CDN Network will help you more in reducing the server load, especially when you are using a shared server, as the mostly used files are being taken off from the server where your website is hosted and delivered from the cdn server.

#3) You could use more plugins and heavy theme files for your site as this create a problem as the files are being delivered much faster than normal.

#4) Using a CDN network would definitely help you in speeding up the website when all other options like compressing images, reducing http requests for JavaScript’s and css files etc don’t offer much speed difference while loading the website.

For Computing Unleashed, we use the MAX CDN network to serve the static files such as images, css and JavaScript files. You could see and feel how fast the website load now. The site now load 3 times faster than before(after implementing the cdn network). We found the MAX CDN network very useful and its easy to setup.

Amal Roy is the Founder-Editor of Computing Unleashed. A Technology Enthusiast, Windows Adept and a Proud Geek!