In countries like US, UK and India apple usually links up with the local telecom providers from whom you buy the iphone 4. These service providers like AT&T, airtel and vodafone sell the iphones for a price much lesser than the original and oblige you to sign contracts for few years with them inorder to use their mobile and data plans.

But this is not the case with countries like NewZealand, Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore. Due to their government policies apple sell the legally unlocked iphone 4. It means you wont need to unlock these phones in order to use the local service providers sim card in iPhone 4. When you buy it from apple what you would get is a factory unlocked iphone 4 which is legal and doesn’t break the warranty of the iphone4. Moreover you wont be put into any contracts like the other countries and you could use the iphone 4 with the service provider of your choice.

buy legally unlocked iphone 4

If you are thinking of buying the new unlocked iphone 4 and want to sell your old one here is a ppost on where to sell old iphones ?.

If you are visiting the above mentioned countries or if you have got some one in there, be sure to get factory unlocked iphone 4 from there and you dont need to worry regarding the warranty of iphone 4.

Buy Unlocked iPhone 4 (Approximate Prices)

iPhone 4 16 GB (factory unlocked):

HongKong – HK$ 5,388 => USD 695 => 570 Euro.
New Zealand – 1,150.00 NZD => 791 USD => 655.033 Euro.
Australia – 879.00 AUD => 746.991 USD  => 617.287 Euro

iPhone 4 32 GB (factory unlocked):

HongKong – HK$ 6,288 => USD 812 => 667 Euro.HK$ 6,288 => USD 812 => 667 Euro.
New Zealand 1,349.00 NZD => 928.172 USD => 768.422 Euro
Australia – 1,040.00 AUD => 882.469 USD => 730.121 Euro

Apart from these three countries like Malaysia, Greece, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Belgium, Slovakia, South Africa, Turkey, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Macau and UAE are authorized to sell the factory unlocked iphone 4.

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