Buffer’s Analytics Dashboard and TwitSprout are two most competent and effectual tools to power up Twitter. Both tools can help you give some insight of your Twitter’s account traditions. You can improve your handling of Twitter more successfully by using Buffer’s Analytics Dashboard and TwitSprout.

Let’s have a look at “Buffer’s Analytics Dashboard” first. This tool basically holds your tweets. After filling them in buffer, you can then allow the tool to schedule them for you.

Among the many features is the ability to add a ‘buffer icon’ to the browser. The icon permits you to tweet whichever page you desire.

Buffer Browser Button

Buffer analytic dashboard is sparkling and uncomplicated to sight.  It tells you statistics including quantity of people who have actually clicked on the link in your tweet and how many and who retweeted your tweet.

Buffer Analytics

Buffer allows you to line up your tweets and then sent out at times when the audience is most active.

Buffer Pending Tweets

It gives you full authority to set the time on which you want the tweets to get published.

Apart from many other awesome features, there is no limitations n number of account you can register. You can manage as many Twitte/Faebook account from Buffer Dashboard as you want.

Moreover, “link shortening” drop down let you choose the service in which you want the links to get shortened.

Buffer Time setting

To add a new Twitter or Facebook account, simple click on the “+” button in front of your current profile name, a pop-up will appear. Click on Twitter or Facebook according to your need and a new account tab will appear on profile tabs. Check out the image below.

Buffer New Account


Now let’s have a look at the second tool, the TwitSprout. This tool allows you to trail social media doings for any Twitter account & Facebook Page. Fundamentally, Twitsprout is a one page twitter social media analytics and intelligence service.

It is a pleasant and uncomplicated way to have a glance at your twitter account’s growth and alterations. The tool makes use of graphs to present the statistics.

Twitsprout is at present in beta. You are required to email/tweet and request to be added to this list. 

To start with it simply signup by giving you Name, Password and email account and you are ready to go. As soon as you will be in your account, a pop-up will appear with a button ” Add New Account” as shown in the image below. Click on it and choose Twitter or Facebook to add your account.

TwitSprout Add Account

The worst part of this tool is that it takes too much time to collect the data. You have to wait for six days until TwitSprout collect all your data. However, it is just for the first time and once done, it will keep you updated with analytic of your twitter account.

Once the waiting time will be finished, you can view analytic in several different scales like hourly, daily tweets, daily growth and historical account growth.

TwitSrout Historical Account Growth

TwitSprout Daily Tweets

If you are not getting enough information from these graphs, then simply click on the Question mark in the bottom-right corner of interface and you will get the extermination of each parameter of these graphs.

TwitSprout Graphs Help

TwitSprout Help Image 1

TwitSprout Help Image 2

All these features proves it a best twitter analytic tool, but it has couple of limitations as well like you can add up to only three twitter accounts in it at a time in a free package plan. Whereas, if you have a plan to use it for a Facebook fan page, then you have to purchase any of its premium plans.

Do you want to share anything new about these tools or is there any other tools better than these? Let us know in the comment section below.

Stay tuned for more awesome tools related to social media websites.

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