With Kaspersky Internet Security you could easily block selected websites such that those cant be accessed again by any browser. This is done by the Parental Control Feature that comes along with Kaspersky internet security suite.

The Parental Control feature in Kaspersky not only allows you to block access to specific websites, it gives you a lot of good options like blocking persons in IM’s, limit internet usage, restrict usage in specific days, Restrict the type of downloads  and many more..

Block Sites Using Kaspersky Parental Control

  • From the Kaspersky Window, click security and bring up the Parental Control.
  • Now click the “Enable Parental Control” check box and choose “Child” from the drop down menu under “ Operation Profiles “.
  • Click on the Settings button on the right side of the window. You will see the Parental Control window being opened now.
  • Click Settings in the Parental Control Window. The “Child” profile settings window will be opened now. Go to the Restrictions tab and click on the ‘Set Restrictions’ radio button and tick the checkbox left to ‘Block access to web addresses’ option.

    kaspersky block websites access

  • On choosing the Select Option you could add the websites which you need to block.
  • You could also block unwanted sites by choosing the categories below.
  • Now Proceed by clicking OK on all the windows. You will be asked to enter a Password to make sure that others cant change the settings back.

Now access to all those selected websites will be denied by kaspersky on all the browsers.

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