With lots of new mobile phone apps and games popping up its very necessary to have a antivirus for your mobile phone. Mobile antivirus software’s do basic file scanning operations, automatic updates and also protect your smart phone from suspicious network connections. Here are some of the best antivirus software’s for mobile phones.

Is it necessary to have a antivirus software for your Mobile Phone?

Well the answer depends on you and how you use your mobile phone. Antivirus software’s are necessary only if you own an high end phone with operating systems like Symbian Os 6, Windows Mobile OS, Android or later. free antivirus for mobileIn this case too it is optional, but if you use your mobile phones regularly for sharing data via Bluetooth, wireless etc then the chance of getting infected by mobile viruses are high. So its better to take a necessary precaution to avoid losing your data which might be more valuable than the mobile phone itself. Though the mobile viruses are not in big number, antivirus companies reveal that they too are multiplying in number daily. So here are some Antivirus For Your Mobile Phone.

NetQin Mobile Anti-virus

NetQuin Free Anitvirus For Mobile

Comes with a combination of firewall and real-time monitoring ensure your mobile device is safe and secure. NetQin provides optimized full scan and system management to your mobile while enhancing overall mobile performance.

With NetQin mobile antivirus software installed you can surf the internet  and download without worrying about virus attacks.

NetQuin Free Anitvirus For Mobile2

Supported Platforms : Windows Mobile, Symbian
License : Freeware

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LookOut Mobile Antivirus

Look Out Free Mobile Antivirusmylookout antivirus for mobile

With an added features like online mobile storage and locate missing phone features, lookout mobile antivirus too comes with a antivirus software and a firewall that together protect your mobile phone from virus threats.

With LookOut online mobile storage feature, you can backup your mobile phone data and restore it at a later time as per requirements.
Locating your device, sound an alarm, wipe your personal information etc will be done with the help of Missing smart phone feature which helps you to respond when your device is lost or stolen.

Supported Platforms : Windows Mobile, Andriod, Symbian and iPhone
License : Freeware

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Antivirus Free For Android Mobile Devices

Droid Free Mobile Antivirus Security App

antivirus free provides ongoing scanning and cleansing of Android devices, protecting against viruses, malware, OS exploits to ensure the integrity of applications and data.
DroidSecurity SMS filters provide an additional layer of content security, blocking spam text messages and SMS exploits.
In addition, DroidSecurity alerts users to suspicious new applications or possible mis-configurations ensuring phone operability.

Supported Platforms : Andriod
License : Freeware

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Hope these antivirus softwares will to protect your mobile from new security threats.

Dont forget to add your favorite mobile antivirus too to the list. comment it down!

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