How To Avoid Getting Banned on Twitter – 10 Useful Tips

Twitter has gained a magical ability to bestow credibility and relevance upon any one who uses it. Due to the growing trend twitter has almost a million users. So they too finds it to manage the same. Hence, we need to use twitter with some caveat. Recently one of my friend got banned on twitter. Till then i didn’t knew that twitter too bans its users whom it finds as a spammer. Once twitter find you as a spammer the very next you are banned. Since majority of the people uses twitter well,  they find it difficult to admit when they come to know that they are banned from the twitter world. This is just an embarrassing situation. Here are 10 Tips that will help you to avoid getting banned from twitter.

Avoid Getting Banned on Twitter

  1. Avoid Mass Follow : The first thing that might run into our mind when we join twitter is about the number of followers. Some of twitter users express a desire to get a mass number of followers in a short time. For that they try to follow as many people as possible in the hope of getting a follow back. When this follow process in twitter gets into an unusual way (following some 600 people a day – don’t get surprised this actually was a case with one of my best friends) twitter consider you as a spam and bans you from it. So don’t do  a mass follow and risk your twitter account. Follow people only if you find them worth.
  2. Forget the Twitter Auto Follow Sites : Some websites promise you a huge number of followers in your twitter account in a short period. When you reach 2000 followers in twitter your account will be noticed for any spam behaviour.These sites are of no use and put your twitter account into risk by putting spam updates into your account and like wise. Never join any of these sites.
  3. Avoid Duplicate Tweets with Multiple Twitter Accounts : For some or other reason people create multiple accounts on twitter . But keep in mind that posting same updates in multiple twitter accounts of yours will make twitter ban you easily. What ever be the reason you must never post the same updates in your account to another account of yours. When the updates consist mainly of links and not personal updates, there is a chance to get marked as spam and get banned from twitter.
  4. Following Act : This point is mentioned in twitter policy. Following and unfollowing the same people repeatedly, as well as following and unfollowing those who don’t follow back, are both violations of our terms of service. So never do this.
  5. Utilize DM the right way : Many twitter users these days send DMs (Direct Messages) to other twitter accounts. Sending personal Direct Messages are good but things go worse when you use DM the wrong way i.e. for promotional offers, advertising purpose etc. When people finds them annoying and they reports this to twitter which might soon get your twitter account to be added in the banned list.
  6. Avoid Duplicate Tweets on Same Account: Think before Retweeting any tweets since you might have tweeted that already before. Like in step 3 Posting the same update again and again in your same twitter account will make twitter find you as a spammer and Ban you.
  7. Avoid the Hash Tags : Limit using too many # hash tags in your updates. You many use it since it helps but limit the number. Use it wisely.
  8. Block the Spammers : As i said before having connection with any spammers will risk your twitter account to get banned. So when ever you find any body suspicious or as a spammer block them or unfollow them.
  9. Don’t use Auto DM Tools : Some people use these Auto DM tools for marketing purpose like promoting their product through DM etc. Never Use the Auto DM tools. When people get irritated by these Auto DM’s (Direct Messages) they report them as spam which might risk your twitter account to ban.
  10. Avoid Autofollow Tools: Twitter will ban you if it finds your twitter account have any relation with spammers. There are many tools for twitter that will help you to autofollow people. Never use them because you might be following spammers. So when ever you follow people spend some time to check whether they are good ones or not. Else that might end up in getting your Account Banned From twitter.

Now its your turn if you have any good suggestions or tips don’t wait comment them below.

Amal Roy is the Founder-Editor of Computing Unleashed. A Technology Enthusiast, Windows Adept and a Proud Geek!