Add Text to Images Online within 10 Seconds!!!!

We often add text, add comments etc to our favorite pictures. Usually we go for the help of an image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or similar ones for doing this simple job. This certainly takes some of your valuable time. When you have, say 10 images or so to add some text or comments. It really matters. But forget about such image editing softwares when this can be done under 10 seconds and that too without an image editing software……

Add Text to Images Online within 10 Seconds!!!!PicFont is a great online service that will help you to add a text to an image very easily.

It has many good features too. You will see the options to add text, select the font, size, color and also to rotate the text by an angle. And whats more if you made some mistake in adding the text you can also undo the action. After you add a text, you can adjust the image to the position you want before it is fixed.

There are other two more features apart from this. There is a Canvas option (space with your favorite background color) . You can decide the height and width of the canvas to suit your needs.

Next a shapes option is also available where you can add text to certain shapes.
You can pick a wide variety of fonts and preview it.

On the whole PicFont is a really good service that will help you to add any text or comments to any images with ease.

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