You might be aware of the Win + X keyboard shortcut which brings up the quick access Menu in windows 8 that gives you access to some of the administrative functions which are not easily available in the foreground. The function of the menu is not to give you a start menu replacement, but to give you easy access to some of the out of the reach functions which are not meant for the basic users.

Accessing the Win+X Menu in Windows 8

There are two ways to call up the Win + X Menu a.k.a quick access menu. The (Windows key + X) will open up the menu or you may access it by right clicking on the lower left corner of your screen.

Windows 8 win x menu Add Options to Windows 8 Win + X Menu with Win + X Editor

The above is the Win + X menu which pops up with the default system functions. However if you wish to add more functions to the Win + X in windows, the Win + X Menu Editor will help you do this easily. It will help you to  group the items, Rename the items, delete the existing functions and also add your favorite program shortcuts to the menu.

Download Win+X Menu Editor (apprx. 5 MB )

The download contains both the x64 and x86 versions and the actual file is apprx 75KB.

Using Windows 8 Quick Access (Win+X) Menu Video

If you are finding it a bit difficult to get to the shutdown, restart options in windows 8, then here’s how you could add them to the win + X menu on your desktop.

Windows 8 Power Shortcuts is a free script created by Marcin Grygiel that would easily bring up the shutdown, lock, sleep, sign out options in the win + X menu in windows 8.

shutdown option in windows 8 win+x menu

Though the script was released for Windows 8 release preview, it works on the RTM version of windows 8 too.

Download: Windows 8 Power Shortcuts v1.1 (English) x86 (32 bit)
Download: Windows 8 Power Shortcuts v1.1 (English) x64 (64 bit)

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