Do you constantly feel the need to find the lyrics of a song that you like on your iPod? This can be really annoying ¬†when there are a lot of songs like this that you like but unfortunately don’t have the lyrics to. Adding the Lyrics manually is not a practical solution when you have 1000s of songs on your iPod. So here is a simple way to find lyrics for your songs easily and effortlessly and also add them to your iTunes song Information. The people over at Code Complex have come up with a really great solution for this exact need. The lyrics are searched from multiple repositories using Artist Name, Album and Song as the keywords; and are added to iTunes library.

Lyrics Finder

iTunes Lyrics Adder is working in Windows 7, Windows Vista & Windows XP. The software runs using .NET Framework.

Without much further waiting let’s begin the tutorial:

  • First things first, check if your computer has a good recent version of .NET Framework installed. If it doesn’t then head on down here and download and install it. It’s not that big just about 50-60 MB.
  • Now that your PC fits the minimum requirements we can move on to the actual tutorial. First is to download and install iTunes Lyrics Adder from here.
  • Now that you have it installed run iTunes then while iTunes is running run iTunes lyrics adder.
  • If you have doubt whether some songs may contain comments in Lyrics section then don’t select “Only search and add lyrics to songs without one”. After picking which one you want just select one of the repositories to download the lyrics from such as or Now all you have to do is wait for the search and adding process to complete and you are done. Also a log of the songs for which lyrics have been found and added will be shown after the process.
  • If you want to check the lyrics that you just added to your songs in iTunes just right click on the song and then select the Lyrics tab.

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