Windows Right Click menu is some thing which is frequently accessed by every body.Add Functions To right Click Menu Adding some useful function to the right click menu will save our time and there by speeding up our work to a great extent. Here is a little app that will help you in adding custom function to the windows right click menu.

Context Menu Enhancer 2.0 is a right click enhancer utility that comes with the following features.

Add Functions to right click menu

  1. Add Copy To Folder, Move To Folder functions – Copying and Moving files and folders to your favorite locations will be a breeze.
  2. Create File ListFunction to add list of files in drive or folder .
  3. Flip 3DThe unique window switching feature of Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  4. Encrypt and Decrypt You can make your private files secure so that even other users on your computer wont be able to access it.
  5. God ModeThe secret function in windows 7, that created a buzz for some time. Numerous options to configure windows, comes under this roof.
  6. Open In NotepadOpen any file in notepad.
  7. You can also add custom folders to My Computer,Control Panel, Desktop and in your right click context menu.
  8. Add Folder to send to – adds your favorite folder to your send to option in right click context menu.

Context Menu Enhancer is a great program and is free for use.

Download Context Menu Enhancer 2.0

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