UserAssistView enables you  to have a speedy access to the information which tells you all the details concerning programs, which someone else have opened in your absence. It is highly efficient program which facilitate you to test out how your children, staff or anyone else is  using a your  PC .


You can download NirSoft’s UserAssistView it is free of cost and surprisingly consumes only 35KB space. It is an highly effective application that operates by reading the tracking data, which will kept documented in the UserAssistRegistry key. Once you run the program on your pc, UserAssistView stores all the related details, including the time. It maintains a record of the number of times you’ve run a specific program.  Not only this, but it also has the ability to decide which programs are required to be located in the Most Recently Used area of the Start menu.

Moreover, it provides you with all the notions related to a specific program. UserAssistView demonstrates all the required info columns which are categorized in the following order:

  • Item Name displays the path of applications.
  • Count presents the number of times each program has been run.
  • Modified Time holds the details about  the last time the process was modified so you can time frame it.
  • Class ID serves  you in finding the recently prevailing class ID key of the application

If you believe that the entire useful theory of tracking history is going to be enjoyed only by you, then believe us that you are thinking on the wrong line because there is a probability that someone else can also do the same by applying  the same method on you.

There is no need to get alarmed, just keep reading. If your boss or administrator is using the same utility on your PC, then simply clear the UserAssistView registry key. Now you can leave the PC without leaving any traces of programs you opened.

If you are a geeky enough, then you could find a lot of nifty utilities which keep track all the activities others do on your PC, but if you are not one, then just install it and it would help you.

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