Have you ever wanted to use Windows 7 or XP or Vista on your Windows Mobile or Pocket PC  instead of Windows Mobile OS? Well now you can do that. It won’t be as responsive as you would like it to be but you can use it. No, this tutorial is not going to teach you how to install Windows on your phone but just explaining how to setup an app on your phone and also on your PC to allow you to use your PC through your phone. Without waiting any more lets begin the tutorial then:Access Computer Remotely From Windows Mobile

  • First download and install RDM+ on your PC. Download it from here.
  • Install the desktop Client on your PC. Ensure that you have Active Sync on your PC. If you don’t then download and install it from here.
  • During the the installation you will be asked to create an ID and after the installation you will be using this ID so pick a remember-able ID and Password. After the installation open RDM+ and note the computer number given to you.
  • Now run RDM+ for Smart Phone or Pocket PC and follow the instructions given in it. Enter the ID and password and Computer Number when it is asked.
  • Now all you have to do to access your PC from your phone is connect to your PC while RDM+ is running on your PC and run the RDM+ app on your Windows Mobile.

That’s it. It may not be as good as using Windows on your PC but you can do pretty much anything you would do on your PC on your Windows Mobile Device now.