These are some of the most useful software’s that could optimize, maintain and give some speed boost to your Windows 8.1 operating system. I purposefully limited the list to just 3 apps as they are more than enough to get the job done quick and easy. 

Before proceeding further, I recommended you to take a backup of your system.

If you are familiar with some of these tools, you could go ahead and install them, but make sure you know what it exactly does to your PC and how you could put them into proper use. If not, make sure you go through the post thoroughly to know why these tools are listed here.

Soluto -Reducing Boot-up Time

Soluto helps reduce boot-up time

When it comes to reducing the start-up speed of your system, Soluto fares second to none. Its free, simple to use and  helps you find out the programs responsible for slowing the boot and gives you the control to either disable or delay the start-up the programs so that windows could boot faster.

Soluto requires you to have a working internet connection. Once installed, you need to register an account and login. It would then display all the possible problems with your PC in the coming screen. Pretty much everything is self explanatory. Plus, Soluto gives you occasional updates to improve your boot up time and system performance.

Since you are not here to read a full software review, you could go ahead and install the software (link below). But, if you wish, you could refer this in-depth review of Soluto by PC Magazine.

Download Soluto

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CCleaner -De-Cluttering Your PC

CCleaner for windows

You might be surprised at how powerful this nifty utility can be. CCleaner is just under 5MB in size and helps you de-clutter your system in minutes.

Main functions include a System Cleaner, Start-up Manager, Registry Cleaner and an Uninstaller tool. The System Cleaner tool helps you regain disk space by removing the clutter from browsers, popular applications and windows cache. It is advisable to run CCleaner once every fortnight.

There is nothing much complicated in the interface and is easy to use. Make sure you run CCleaner regularly to fix registry issues and clean up clutter in your system.

Download CCleaner

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Razer Gamebooster -Increasing OS Responsiveness

razer gamebooster helps speed up Windows 8.1

Razer has come up with this new tool recently to increase the performance of your PC while gaming. The software is in its Beta stage and you’d need to create a free account with Razer before using the software. It comes with so many useful features that are specifically made for gamers.

Once you’ve opened up the main window of Razer gamebooster, move on to Tools > Tweaks. You’ll see a complete list of tweaks aimed to improve the responsiveness and performance of your Windows 8.1 operating system. The settings can be customized and it also include a Restore option. So you need not worry if you’ve messed up with something that you’re not quite sure about. Besides these features, it offers a driver updater section helping you to keep all drivers in your PC up-to-date.

Razer gamebooster helps you to free up RAM when your PC falls short of it. I was able to reclaim about 2.4GB of used RAM with Razer gamebooster in my PC . Though this app is designed specifically to run games, casual users could reap its benefits to a great extent.

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Speeding up the system during an application launch

Move to the Launch tab and you could add your own applications which stresses your PC’s performance. You could configure the options under Boost Settings which includes cleaning up the RAM, Clipboard, close Explorer.exe to increase physical memory, close both System and Windows Services etc.

Download Razer GameBooster


All the three utilities cover almost all the major optimizations you would expect any app to perform on your Windows 8.1 PC. And i guarantee that all the three apps are worth trying. Cheers!

Amal Roy is the Founder-Editor of Computing Unleashed. A Technology Enthusiast, Windows Adept and a Proud Geek!