Utility to Improve Laptop Battery LifeDo you own a laptop? Then you might be thinking of ways to extend and improve your laptop’s short battery life? There are a number of ways to do it. But could suggest two ways to improve the battery life of your laptop to a great extend.

Aerofoil is a nice utility I could suggest you which could help you increase the life your laptop’s battery. It is quite easy to use and could be downloaded for free.

Aerofoil utility to increase laptop battery life

Download Aerofoil

Battery Optimizer is a much more better utility which could help you to increase your laptop’s battery life a lot. It could notify you about the unwanted features of your laptop which could be disabled to extend battery life. But it is a paid one and not a freeware. It has also got awards from PCWorld magazine and Cnet.com.

Some of Battery Optimizers features are the following.

1. Increases battery life.

2. Warns about battery usage.

3. Ease of use.

4. 30 day money backĀ guarantee.

There are many more features.

Battery Optimizer utility to increase laptop battery life

Download Battery Optimizer

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