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    • Hey, my computer slowed down all of a sudden recently so I’m gonna try your advice.
      This was my speed test result
      440 kbps down (~0.44 Mbps, 54 KB/s) ↓
      200 kbps up (~0.2 Mbps, 24 KB/s) ↑
      My computer used to be much faster than a computer my friend has now but my friend’s results were 2mb and 1.3 mb respectively so I think this might be my major problem.

      I’m using the TCP Optimizer right now and I’m wondering if you could help me a bit on this. When adjusting connection speed I looked at my Wireless Network Connection Status and the speed says anywhere between 36-52 Mbps. Is this what I’m looking for? If so then the connection speed option on the optimizer doesn’t come anywhere near it. Do I just put it at 20,000?
      Other than that, would you mind telling me any other changes you made on the Optimizer to improve your connection?

      Thank you very much

      • Yes the tcp optimizer has some limitations. You can try the tweak master software (free version) to optimize your internet connection and get better results.

    • Hi. Can u please post the settings that you used for BSNL 2 MBPS connection.. It would be a great help for people like us who suffer from horrible speeds of BSNL

      • Ya sure. The step is very easy just move the slider in TCP optimizer towards 2 Mbps or some thing just above 1024. I have a 2 MBPs connection. The settings used by me is given in that screen shot above.

    • u can always get pirated version of eboostr

    • From my experience , its best not to mess with the registry cleaners .. but only one worth it is probably ccleaner , plus extremecopy is another alternative


    • Or, you could upgrade you system to Linux.

    • System hang can be due to many reasons. Try using any registry cleaning programs like ccleaner or similar.

    • 'm using windows 7 and it doesn't shut down often, it just hangs up after showing "Shutting Down" , and it keeps hanging a lot. any ideas?

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