How To Store Countless Url's Online


The internet is filled with material of every type. Ranging from advanced physics to nature to humor, the web has material on spanning every subject. Usually we come across something interesting but, because of time constraints, are not able to finish reading it. We simply cannot spend time reading about the most venomous insect when we are running late for work.

To ensure we read that interesting piece we missed, we could bookmark the webpage. However the bookmark would remain on our computer and will not be accessible from somewhere else (like a computer at work). A perfect solution for this is Instapaper.

Instapaper is a free to use website that lets users quickly create an account and store countless URLs in it; later we can log into Instapaper from any computer and view our saved URLs. Adding URLs to our account can be done in 3 ways.

1. We could simply log in to our account, click on the ‘Add’ link and fill out the URLs details. These details include the path of the webpage, its title, and summary. The title and summary fields are optional.

2. We could use the bookmarklet provided by Instapaper. This bookmarklet can be placed on our browser’s toolbar and clicked to add the currently open webpage to our Instapaper account.

3. Chrome users can use Instachrome, which is an extension developed by “edgar.js” to facilitate Instapaper’s usage on Chrome. This extension places an icon onto our Chrome address bar. Clicking on the icon drops down a window. The window includes choices which can add the current URL to our Instapaper account, let us view all unread entries in our Instapaper account, and viewing our Starred / archived items. Hotkeys for these functions can also be assigned.

Overall, whether you use Instapaper’s own bookmarklet or the 3rd party tool Instachrome, you can ensure that you never again skip an interesting article online.

Click here to visit Instapaper’s website and here for the Chrome extension, Instachrome.

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