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    • Perfect article. I believe you have covered every bit to speed up a wordpress site. I have seen these techniques in different articles. But, you covered all of them in one article. Thanks man.

    • I recently switched all my sites over to the Path theme. It’s built on the Hybrid framework which has a reputation for being lightweight and fast. Plus it has a comprehensive, cheap support system.

      I want to remove various features – like dates on posts, author boxes on a single-author blog – and I would usually do that by simply deleting those functions in the code. I assume that would reduce the number of PHP queries too,which is a bonus.

      However the Hybrid team are very insistent I should NEVER touch the source code, and should always make all my customisations by creating a child theme and making all my changes on that. But the only way to remove functions on a child theme is to use the “remove” command.

      My gut feeling was that would simply INCREASE the number of PHP queries which can’t be a good thing – their response is that “PHP is so fast, it scarcely matters”.

      Your view?

      • @Marisa
        Queries for date author link etc are not processor intensive, so they doesn’t affect the performance of the website, More over if you use a caching mechanism, they would be executed and served much faster. Its better not to tamper with the core theme as it might lead into issues later on, unless of you are thorough with the theme framework, its working and coding. From your website analysis i’ve done, its further possible to reduce the load time of your website.

    • Thanks Amal. This was a great post. Very informative and easy to read. I use Amazon CloudFront CDN which helped, but there seems to still be room for improvement. Your notes will certainly point me in the right direction. Thanks again!

    • Awesome. CSS compressor, CDN, Database optimization, PHP Queries and Database Access are quite amazing. Very much new 4 me

    • This is a great post!!! exactly what i was looking for. I just converted my site to a wp and it seems to load very slow.. Can't wait to try these steps right now.. will post a second comment after trying all of these great stuff! THANKS AMAL! =)

    • One of the THE BEST WordPress instructional posts I've ever seen. And I've seen plenty. What strikes me the most about this post is that it's "novice friendly" without making a novice feel like an idiot.

      While there's a great many extremely knowledgeable and well-meaning WordPress experts out there, unfortunately when it comes to laying out "how-to" many fall short in their objectives in communicating in a way that makes the information truly available to all.

      Thank you. Instant fan!

      Derrick M.

    • Amazing post.
      Will help many WP users to fasten their website.
      Including me :)

    • I will easily vouch for disabling plugins, I know I have already amassed quite a few but all it takes is ONE wonky plugin and the whole site goes to crap. In my case I disabled and replaced a twitter plugin and the whole site runs amazingly well. This is especially true on the backend.

      It seems to be that plugs that have to access another site, or pull data from another site constantly tend to run the risk of having this issue. That and Twitter can be a tad bit of a finicky pain in the ass at points.

      Also a good plugin for Cache-ing your site is always good to! I use Quick Cache as it has done a good job and was easy to work with.

      Hopefully this will help someone!

    • That rocks! I was looking for a guide like this to help me increase the speed on my wordpress blog. Thanks for sharing it.


    • Fantastic. I have used some of these methods to help sped my blog up and it now loads twice as fast!

    • good post. It will help many people like me.

    • Please does the php flush(); function work with wordpress cache plug-ins such as W3 Total Cache?

    • Thanks……for this awsome.. post

    • Amashing tutorial you did a very good post it gives lot to me

      thank u

    • All steps are so helpful and so easy to understand due to easy explanation, I used some of them with my blog and working great.
      Thank you so much! :)

    • This is a great and complete post !
      I keep it in my bookmarks…

    • Need to try most of the tricks mentioned here, need to speed up my blog, thanks for sharing

    • I’ve got to try this out some time. I’ll add it to my ever-growing to do list. ;)

    • Great post Amal.
      I did the first point when I was using SP themes where header file used to be header.php, but now with thesis I really don’t know where the header file is. So there’s nothing much you can do to edit the header content except adding something ‘extra’ to it using the custom_functions file.
      Compressing HTML files is only the thing left undone for me. Read various htaccess tutorials but couldn’t gzip all pages completely.
      The super cache plugin Gzip’s, but when, I don’t know. I sometimes see wp-super-cache in the source and sometimes (very rare) Gzip.

    • Some real nice work in there Amal. I have to use a bunch of these myself :)

    • A nice list. I just have a mall idea of using the plugin W3 Total Cache instead of WP Super Cache, because it has built-in functions like: using CDN, minify and combine Javascript and CSS.

      • @ Deluxe Blog Tips. Yeah the W3 Total Cache is a Superb Plugin to Speed Up WordPress and it has all the function build under one roof as u said. But configuring it is a bit hard job for the beginners. So i though of replacing it by the Wp- Super Cache Plugin as its configuration is very simple. Thanks For the Tip Friend.
        Good Luck

    • What a fantastic post my dear, you don’t know how much time i want to say thanks because, you had solved my CSS and .JS file compression problem.
      Thanks a million of ton.

      • @ Alok
        Yeah thanks. Just put up some of my ideas right here. I am sure that this will help other people too to speed up their wordpress sites. :)
        Good Luck

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