Recover forgotten Administrative password in Windows XP


Most windows users forget their administrative passwords.Most of them end in reinstalling windows and lose their data as well.There are several ways to recover the forgotten password.Below are some methods i have found which can help you to recover the forgotten administrative passwords in Windows XP.

  • Download live cd version of ophcrack.
  • ophcrack is an open source software which uses rainbowtable methods to crack LM and NTLM hashes.
  • Download the iso file form the site.
  • Burn the file to a dvd/cd.
  • Boot from the dvd/cd.
  • Voila!! you are about to recover the password from nt/lm hashes.
  • Depending upon the complexity of your password,the recovery depends.

Download Ophcrack

There are other methods also.Try a new method given below.

  • Boot from your windows xp cd first.
  • Then press enter to setup windows now.
  • accept the license agreement by pressing F8.
  • in the next screen select to repair windows.
  • the setup checks your disks and start copying files.
  • soon after copying windows reboots.
  • Don’t ever press any key when the message “press any key to boot from cd/dvd ” appears.If you do you have to start from the beginning.
  • The setup will automatically continues highlighting ‘installing windows’.
  • Soon after you see the installing devices option highlighted press shift+F10.
  • Yes!! you have created a loop hole in windows.
  • A command prompt window will appear then.
  • Type NUSRMGR.CPL.You will see the control panel.
  • Now take the account you want and change the password as you prefer.
  • If you want to logon without a password the type control userpasswords2 at the command prompt
  • then choose to log on without being asked for password.
  • continue with the repair process.
  • After the repair is complete you will be able to logon with the new password if you have given it or without the password.

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    • If you lost windows password. I think the best solution is making a windows password recovery disk with the third part utility. The disk can work perfectly to recover windows password to “Blank”. It is also useful for administrator password recovery, you can write it to an blank CD or USB flash drive to recover administrator password.
      more info:

    • No problem! We can recover most Windows admin and other user passwords.
      Just download our windows password Recovery Tool 3.0 to recover your lost Windows passwords.
      How does it work? You can download it from

      Just use the box below to download the utility. This is a “.exe” file which will burn itself onto a blank CD. Then pop the CD into your locked PC, and
      boot from the CD.

      If you have an Internet connection on your locked PC then it will automatically upload the encrypted password to our server for decryption. Once
      decrypted, we will send you an email advising you where to log in to view your Windows password.

      If you don’t have an Internet connection to your locked PC, you can extract the encrypted password to a USB stick and upload manually to our website for

      It supports usb flash drive too.

    • here is the methods I know.

      The first thing which you check if you forget login password. When we install Windows, it automatically creates an account “Administrator” and sets its password to blank. So if you have forget Your user account password then try this:
      Start system and when you See Windows Welcome screen / Login screen, press ctrl+alt+del keys Twice and it’ll show Classic Login box. Now type “Administrator” (without quotes) in Username and leave Password field blank. Now press Enter and you should be able to log in Windows.
      Now you can reset your account password from “Control Panel -> User Accounts”.
      Same thing can be done using Safe Mode. In Safe Mode Windows will show this in-built Administrator account in Login screen.

      Windows XP and further versions also provide another method to recover forgotten Password by using “Reset Disk”. If you created a Password Reset Disk in Past, you can use that disk to reset the password. Or try some windows password reocvery tool:

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