Prevent Facebook from Automatically Tagging You In Photos

facebook prevent tagging photos

Though facebook introduced automatically tagging photos, the feature is bothersome for some. Though the face recognition feature introduced by Facebook does sound cool and useful it can get very annoying for many when they get tagged a lot.

How To Access Restricted Sites

Hot Spot Shield Connected

Are you constantly annoyed by websites blocking you because of your location? Many websites use your IP Address to find out your location and prevent you from accessing data. There is a simple way to gain access to such restricted data. The easiest way to gain access is by getting an IP address that these sites will …

How To Root Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

root sony xperia

Using an Android Phone to its full potential is not possible without rooting it. This tutorial will explain how to unlock the boot loader and then to root sony xperia play. Rooting is a simple and fast task.

How To Reset Windows 7 To Factory Settings

If you don’t have a Windows 7 Installation CD and forgot to create a System Restore point you can still make your Windows as good as new with a few steps.