Optimize Adblock Plus in Firefox and Filter junk ads Faster than ever

There may be hardly few Firefox users who don’t know about the Adblock plus extension. Adblock Plus is used as the online ad filter by many users. But using a large number of self defined filters in Firefox can make it really sluggish. Long self defined filter lists makes Firefox sluggish because every page that …

Access frequently used system files instantaneously / Faster

Experienced windows users will often visit the ‘Program Files’, ‘System32’ , ‘Windows Folder’ etc. But it is very irritating to navigate to these places using Windows Explorer directory structure. How about navigating to these places at an instant?.

How to Prevent/Protect your Pendrives and Harddisk’s from autorun.inf virus

These day’s it is normal to get affected by the autorun virus when we take our pendrives outside and plug into a another system. Guys, here is a way that can prevent your Pendrives and Hard disk’s from being affected by the autorun.inf virus. Actually this trick will fool the autorun virus ie it will …

Add Safe Mode to Windows Boot Menu/Show Safe Mode without pressing F8 or F5

Hi friends here is a trick to show Safe Mode in the Windows Boot screen. Usually you get the option to boot into safe mode by pressing F5 or F8. But this option can be shown in Windows Boot menu so you don’t have to press those buttons again.

Increase the Performance\Speed of SATA Hard Disk’s in Windows Vista

By default Vista does not make use of the full potential of the new SATA hard disk’s. We do not get the actual power of the Hard disk that we use. In order to get it we just need to make a small change.