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    • i tried the upgrade, not working, i have also win xp on the same pc, is the command C:\boot\bootsect.exe /nt60 C: making the partition bootable? i think i can do this with a bootsect.exe from the win7 x86 iso file
      p.s. sorry for my previous post, there is no such thing like x32 and i know this

      • Yes. Bootsect.exe updates the master boot code for hard disk partitions in order to
        switch between BOOTMGR and NTLDR. You can use this tool to restore the boot
        sector on your computer.

    • hi buddy
      I installed win 7 x32 on my pc, and now i want to install win 7 x64 (my pc is 64 bit), but i have no dvd and the pc cant boot from usb, and it cant work that way, is that possible to make it?

    • One suggestion:

      You can skip steps 1-3 if you just extract the ISO with WinRAR.

    • A few days ago I bought Windows 7 Original Software at a computer store. When I install it all to successful, but I’m a bit disappointed because there are some programs that are not compatible with.

      • Yes but there is option to run those programs too. You can use the compatiblility mode and set the program to run as if it was running in XP, Vista or server or even 98.

    • It is installing right now….very cool!
      BUT there is a problem…I can’t launch the setup if it’s not in the root folder of the hard

      • Its because we have set every thing to work from the root drive. If you want to use other drive the settings needs to be changed accordingly.

    • how i can get iso image

    • for some strange reason i ended up swapping my drives, meaning that my old C drive is now D… how that happen? o.O

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