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    • Thank you very much Amal.. it works without a glitch

    • thanx alots for ur article. Its help me alots coz my dvd drive perform very bad. Thanx again.

    • Gr8 work dude. U really saved me.

      Microsoft has also posted same topic on their website. But as usual it was not working.

      Hats off to u that u know windows better than Microsoft guys.

    • Thanks buddy… it realy worked perfectly….

    • hates off sir…..
      really worked the trick and so much thankful to u…..
      it helped me a lot in critical situation.
      so once again thank you so much………………….

    • Thanx a lot man fantastic & Excellent tutorials 100% working installed successfully with much more faster speed than dvd used kingston 8gb just took me around 5mins to install ……………….Had been searching for it since long time

    • jaspreetsinghbabbra

      your method may be working but i have a easy one but no offense
      1. Open boot folder in the windows files and find bootsect.exe
      2. Copy bootsect.exe to C or your windows drive not in any folder just in the drive.
      3. Format the pen drive with ntfs format. cmd and type cd\ you will come to your main drive like c:\> in my case.
      5.type bootsect.exe/nt60 i: or whatever your pendrive letter is. enter and your pen drive will be updated with bootmgr code
      7. Copy all contents of windows 7 files to the pen drive and restart your computer. pen drive as boot priority and there goes your windows installation.

    • Great Jobs
      Keep your passion for doing these..

    • WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW after many hours and days trying to resolve , how to boot from a pendrive on an acer Aspire One netbook….THIS IS THE ONLY POST THAT WORKED. (MANY A WEB SOLUTION I TRIED). The fact that the Alt +F10 restore D2D solution did not work…this did….because even though My bios did not hace a pendrive boot option, it recognised my pendrive as an alternate USB drive and it installed……….

      In Spanish ( el que sabe sabe )

      thank Youuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    • I have try all the step by step but on the stage command E:\boot>BOOTSECT.EXE /NT60 F:
      I got this message ‘Could not map drive partition to the associated volume device objects:
      Access is denied. Any idea what went wrong. Please help. Thanks.

      • TRy formatting the pendrive again and just redo the steps. If that didn’t work, then use the utility that i have mentioned in the post. That can quickly make a pendrive bootable with windows.

    • Hi, i had a problem relating to point no. 20 ,you’ve asked to copy all files from DVD but didn’ mention how i mean through CMD or by selecting all files on dvd & pasting them on pen drive. Reply requested….

      • @ Avik Sinha You can do any of the methods, its upto you. You can also try the utility i have mentioned there, it will be easy for you to make the pendrive bootable. The utility does all these steps for you.

    • This obviously won’t work under XP as diskpart doesn’t support removable disks. I just ran across a nice app called Bootsage that works great under Windows XP as well. Link here:

    • gr8 dude keep it up…..

    • Will need this, am going to install windows 7 in my netbook it doesn’t have an optical drive.

    • dear amal,
      nice one. the place i am working from right now doesnt allow me to download the little exe file, so was following the steps out.
      i met with a little problem.
      when i was running the command bootsect.exe/nt60 directly on the disk, it didnt have the reqd file.
      had to modifya bit by first opening the boot folder on the disk. everything else fine, till now. currently copying files to usb drive. will post once successful or failed, either way. :)
      cheers for this simple method.

      PS- have to do all this coz a friend’s win7 lappy needs to be formatted and it doesnt accept a dvd – prob with the lenovo slot loader :(
      any solutions on it? why it might have gone kaput?

      • not working.
        nothing happens on the laptop other than a single blinking underscore at the top left corner. any key i press, it restarts and gets stuck again. :(

        • dear amal,
          sorry for putting so many comments. discard all of these if u please.

          my main mistake was – i didnt run command prompt as admin.
          and a few other oversights. doing the whole process a third time, i have now succeeded without much of a problem.
          thanks and sorry for all the stupid comments i put up.

    • Nice, thanks for sharing…

    • please help i get this

    • hey, i followed the instruction as you described above.but i have a problem while rebooting,i.e when i set the first priority to USB,saving and restarting the system then it says “Cannot read from the disk,press ALT + CTRL + DEL to restart)..
      i stuck here could you please help me out from this?

      .-= subodh´s last blog ..Everything about transparency in all the browsers =-.

    • Hello!
      I have a Lenovo S10-2 netbook, and my preinstalled XP died. I want to install Win7 instead. For first, ive tried this method:

      when i was at ASSIGN part, it didnt worked for me, but a guy in comments said, its still works, if ASSIGN fail.

      the setup didnt booted. (boot disk failure…etc) Than i found this article. (btw iam using XP in my desktop PC, where i want to make my pendrive to be installer)
      format to fat32, than back to NTFS, everything fine, until step 13. it gives me a huge list, with commands, or dunno. than i type ASSING. its work this time, BUT. after that, in My Computer it says the drive in unformatted, do you want to format? So its like a new drive. So i stucked at that point, where i have to do bootsect.exe part, couse the drive is alrdy in “unformatted” state.
      Btw iam usin Kingston Datatraveller G2 (4gb)
      could you help me please?
      thanks :)

      • Ya sure. If you feel uncomfortable with the commands no prob. Just use the utility that i have mentioned above in the post. It will automate all the commands and you can easily get windows 7 setup on your pendrive.

    • yaar AMAL……what do u mean by utility…….
      i faced same problem…..i don’t understand…..

    • Thanx for the process. Its the simplest to follow however when i type the list disk command it doesnt show the Pen drive. Is there any alternate solution to see the Pen drive listed or am i doing something wrong

      • Yes the pendrive wont get listed if you are running Windows Xp and doing the above process. How ever you can try using the utility to do this process quickly and install windows 7 easily from a pendrive.

    • “Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk And Press Enter.”


    • The Guide really works, and the program to automatize the process of creating the bootable pendrive its even better!!!!! GREAT ARTICLE the easier i’ve read THX very much

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