How To Install Google Android On Windows, Mac or Linux PC


If you want to try out Google Android before buying an Android based mobile phone then you have come to the right place. Google provides an Android emulator along with the Android SDK.
If you are a developer you can test the apps you write using this emulator or if you just want to test drive an Android phone, you can do that too.
To get the Android Emulator up and running:

>First, Download Java from here and install it.

>Now you have to download the Android SDK from here. While downloading for windows select the Compressed .zip file, not the “recommended” .exe file.

>Once that download is done, extract the contents of the .zip file. After the extraction, open SDK Setup.exe.

>Now the SDK will get a list of packages available from Google. If there is an error go to Settings and check “Force https://…”.

choose packages to install android

>Now you will be shown a list of platforms. Unless you want to try all the versions of Android, select only the versions you want to try as each Platform is about 50-75 MB in size. For the others select them then click Reject.

>Now you will be able to see an “Installing Archives” dialog box. Once the download is over click on “Close”.

>Next we set up the Virtual phone. Click on “Virtual devices”, then “New…”.

>Now just select the Skin, SD Card Size& Android Version you want. Now Give a name to your Virtual Device and then click “Create AVD”. When you click this there can be a small time lag till a message comes that the Virtual Device has been created.

>Now select your virtual device from “Virtual devices” and select “Start…”.

>Now a screen with “ANDROID_” will comes with the underscore blinking.

>After which the Android Start Up screen will become visible and then you will reach your home-screen. Thats it. Now you can use your Android Virtual Phone.

With the Emulator you can do many things that you can do with a real Android such as:

  • Browse the Internet just as in an Android Mobile.
  • Check out the Menus, Widgets, Wallpapers, Settings etc…
  • Install free Apps off the Internet.

Sadly with this emulator you will not be able to use the Android Market Place to download Apps.


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    • Why does this run so slow on my PC? I have the original Moto Droid and it runs so much faster than this virtual version. Moto Droid has 256MB of RAM with a 600MHz cpu. My PC has 8GB of RAM with a 3.2GHz 6 core cpu and 2 GTX 470's. I know Android won't use more than 1 or 2 cores and probably won't recognize most of my RAM or the video cards, but still, I figured it would at least run smooth. Any ideas?

      • Maybe your PC some problem. It will work great on 2 GB ram, Nvidia 9400 GT, and a 2.7 GHz AMD Athlon x2. I tried it. If you try on a Nvidia 8400Gs it will be slow. but 2 GTX 470s? I think u maybe running too many background apps. On the configuration I mentioned if you take anything else PC will hang. Anyway try going to settings and disabling animations. It will be faster. But still on GTX 470s I dont think you will have any problem actually.

    • well you installed Android SDK on PC only then why does the title says….. Mac and Linux too..
      what you just installed is eclipse with android SDK. you don't have to install all that fi you just want to see how android OS looks like. If you want to install android OS on PC get a copy of Android x86 distribution and try on Virtual PC.

    • That is actually the sdk. do u know what is "install google android on…" ?

    • nice post…thanks for sharing this useful information on android installation

    • Really good post Ganesh! Is there a way to get iOS on PC like this?

      • Ya but not comeplete iOS. And its an old version of iOS.
        Its changed alot i think. try it k man. its trial now so must be good.
        This emulator is for testing Mobile websites or something so can't explore iOS much

    • so we can feel android,without a phone, nice post

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