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    • hey,amal,can u plz tell me the SERIAL num. of far cry 2.

    • Hi Amal

      I am having a system with following specifications :–

      •core2Duo processor 2.8 GHz

      •2Gb kingmax 800 ram

      •Asus p5sd2vm motherboard.

      •chipset = SIS 672 northbridge with 256 Mb shared memory and SIS 968 southbridge.

      i am not able to play simple games like IGI-2 it run extremely slowly in my computer and many time computer hangs with blue,red,yellow lines and areas on the screen.

      there are many other games which can be played on my friends computer with less system resources then mine , but those games are either very slow , hang computer or do nor play at all.

      can you tell me what could be the reason, and how to solve it?

      • It might cause due to out dated graphic drivers. First, try updating your video card drivers to the latest version then install the latest direct x version. Ensure that your cabinet is not dusty and is clean and there is proper airflow as this could also happen in cas if your processor gets heated up to higher levels.

        • Hi ! amal thanks for the Reply.

          I have updated my graphic driver many time thoughting that it might start working,and still now i am using the latest graphic driver. My chipset supports pixel shader 2.

          I also monitored my cpu tempreatures it around 46 celcius even after 4 to 5 hours of continuous work, and i also clen my pc regularly so it is dust free.

          i think there is some problem with the chipsets as i have seen many other complains regarding these chipsets.

          my processor is intels core2duo E7400 with FSB 1066MHz where as ram has speed 800MHz and my motherboard supports 667 DDR2 Ram.
          I know that these parameters are not matching. even after having such a powerful processor of 2.8 GHz i am not able to fully utilize it.

          is there any method by wich i can over clock my motherboard and ram so i can fully utilize it .

          • Hey u said that u r mother board is supporting only 667Mhz ram frequency, and you are using 800Mhz ram. Then that might be the trouble caused. Yes there are various utilities for overclocking the system.

    • my system config is
      intel e7400
      2.8 ghz
      2 gb ram
      windows xp sp2
      320gb hdd
      how can i run prototype ??
      thanks in advance

    • { UT } clan [ CreW ]==

      oh srry i have 2GB ram

    • { UT } clan [ CreW ]==

      u have not replied yet amal :::::::: ( nop CAN U JUST TELL ME WHERE TO GET PIXEL SHADER CONVERTING SOFTAWERS I HAVE PIXEL SHADER VIRSION 2.0 AND dmc4 DEMANDS 3.0 ::::: SAD WAT TO do i have everything expect pixel shader 3.0 my system confugration R

      500 HDD

      1 GB RAM

      intel core 2 duel processer


      kkkk bye help me soon bye bye amal u can also contact me on this no … 9098338400

      bye friend

      • Pixels Shader is some thing that cant be installed. Its some thing that needs to be supported by the graphics card in your pc. I am not sure whether it will work or not, try a software called swift shader. The current version of 3d analyzer dont support pixel shader 2.0 version.

    • { UT } clan [ CreW ]==

      hello amal i saw u answering many questions can u tell me how to run DMC4 i confuigred all the settings but it say's === unsupported pixel shader virsion 2.0=== wat should i do i tried my best and 1 more thing previsouly i try to run DMC3se it ran perfectly help me>>>>>>>>>> bye reply soon plz

      • If it ran previously well, then it might be due to other problems. Install try reinstalling your video drivers and install latest version of direct x. Then try running the game again. Also try at a lower screen resolution.

        • { UT } clan [ CreW ]==

          AMAL i told u that my devil may cry 4 is not working i dint tell u that my devil may cry 4 was working before i told that my DMC3se = devil may cry 3 special edition workred welll not dmc4 i tell u my main problem i just need pixel shader 3.0 and i am having 2.0 virsion so wat to do :)

          bye bye

    • i have a question, and since i see that you're keeping up with answers, i'll ask it here. my laptop died recently (yay vista…) and i downloaded an MMORPG on this computer i'm currently using. but, this computer does not have a graphics card. the mmo isn't too demanding spec-wise, so i'm wondering if i'll be able to use this with that. sorry if this seems like a newbie question, i've seriously never had this problem before, where i had to resort to using a computer with no graphics card. thanks!

      • Its far better if you could go for a graphics card, if the specs of the pc are not that powerful to handle graphics demanding processes. In such cases the 3d emulation programs too wont do much.

    • hai Amal this is hari can i run gta 4 in my pc which don't have graphic card.
      i have processor dualcore,
      mother board intel original
      160 hdd
      1gb ram

    • An error shows that there was an error while injecting dll into the target process, what do i do to fix that cuz i'm trying to play LoL

    • I got just some .dll file and readme file and no soft to run maybe I am not that smart or what? swiftshader 2.01 demo

    • ok I have it but were to put it?

      • Just Run the software. Its better to get a graphics card to run the new games as these softwares cant give the exact performance what a graphics a card does. You could easily get one for under 4000Rs.

    • Hi again Amal,
      I tried what you said to me for Fifa 09 it did not work.
      Anyways, can you tell me what the settings are for FIFA 08 ?
      Please and thanks for earlier.


      • You can try the settings in this video. "" Thats for fifa 09 but will be the same for fifa 08 too.

    • I need help… I want to play farming simulator 2009 on my old pc. But I need shader model 2.0 … so I tried this soft but still nothing….

      my sys is
      intel p4 2.66
      768 ram
      Nvidia g4 mx 440 with apg8x

      I don't need it to run perfectly, just want to play :D

      so can i get solution for my problem?


    • can u please give me detailed setting to play fear 2 with 3d analyze cuz i,am dieing to play fear 2 so can u please

      • @asim

        friend the settings might vary for different configurations thats why i cant provide the apt settings. You could find it out by trying it out at different settings and also dont forget to lower the screen resolution while playing.

    • Hi amal, could youplease tell me the 3D analyser settings for FIFA 09 ? I know it's there on youtube but, when I applies those settings, an error abt graphics card came.

      I have 1 GB ram, intel 82865G graphics controller.

      Later, when I tried on my own, I checked 'force SW Tnl ' , skip pixel shader 1.1, 1.4, 2.0 (all of them) and also checked 'force high precision pixel shader and also force low precision pixel shader , with 4098 as the vendor IDand 20040 as the device ID and I ticked shaders and textures in the anti-detect mode and checked all the game/demo fixes then, when I ran it, ( u know in the starting select the language option comes )

      So, in this, it was kind of red and white and I knew where the language was, so I selected english then the ea sports video and the fifa 09 video came correctly but, when it came that i had to create a profile, the same thing happened .I mean, you could see the boxes, but, you couldn't see the names on it and also the background. Sometimes only, the name came and that too for 1/2 a second only.


      Thank You.

      • @Ushnav

        This happens because 3d analyzer puts the load on the processor to process the graphics and it might not be able to handle it correctly. There is one way, allocate more memory to gpu (graphics processor) from bios and also lower your system resolution and run the game. This might work.

    • hi amal, could u pls tell me the settings i have to use to make Prince of Persia (2008) work using 3d analyser. it says that i need shader model 3.0 and i have shader model 2.0. can it still work?

      • It depends upon your system configuration and the settings vary accordingly. Usually the settings are found by trial ad error method.

    • hi,


      my system conifiguration is

      processor-Intel(R) core(TM) 2 duo E7500@2.93GHz 2.93GHZ



      500 GB HDD

      WINDOWS 7(64-BIT)

    • please tell me how 2 run overload 2..

      My pc configuration are

      Intel Pentium Dual Core E2180 @ 2.0 GHz
      1.00 GB RAM
      128 MB Graphics Card
      160 GB SATA HDD
      Windows XP SP3 (32-bit)

    • i have got laptop with the best confrigation i could from my 35000 budget . it has even got i3 processor but no video card . so ho to run games with 3d analyzer as its settings are really tough to understand

      • The settings of 3d analyzer varies depends upon the configuration. So it will not be a common one. If not i might have been able to get the settings for you.

    • hey guys can i run spiderman 3 my specs are
      intel r g31/g33
      videoram 256
      2gb ram
      cpu speed 2.59ghz
      i have direct x10

    • hi,, in my pc no graphic card is there ,,,, is there is any solution to run my gta4 game … plz somebody solve my problem

      My PC Configuration is:
      intel pentium[r] D 3.00 ghz

      windows xp
      160 gb hard disk
      1 gb ram

    • how to run the game????????

    • Hey ,how can i play GTA 4 using 3d pc is AMD athlon 64 processor,1 GB Ram,512 MB of Nvidia Gforce 7025/Nvidia nforce 630a,and windows 7 os.The game will work in my computer is very slow.plsssssssssss help me

      • You need to try out different settings in 3d analyzer and find the one that suit your requirements. You can also try settings shown on above comments.

      • also tell me how to play games in full screen in windows 7?????
        plzz help me dear
        i never found ans of this question on google????

        if u knw the answer plz tell me…………..

        • Normally all games are being run at full screen mode in windows 7. Try lowering your resolution and run the game. It might get bigger than the current state.

    • Hello, I cannot play GTA 4 games faster, it works slowly on my PC.
      My PC Configuration is:
      Intel Pentium Dual Core E2140 @ 1.6 GHz
      2.50 GB RAM
      1 GB nVIDIA GeForce 9400GT Graphics Card
      80 GB SATA HDD
      Windows XP SP3 (32-bit)

      • It can be of three reasons one is your processor speed which is low and the other is you might be running the game at high resolution (try reducing it) and the other is you might nit be using the right settings i 3d analyzer.

      • Tengo las mismas caracterisicas que tu pc y corro el juego bien .

      • Hai mahesh, ihave seen your problem. If you want to run the game better you need a software means “speed gear” download it and install it. After installing it open game and minimize it, now open the speed gear and click the target button and choose the gta IV and scroll the bar to the end and minimize it dont close it and play gta IV thus game runs faster i hope this may work for you. If it works send the mail at

    • How to play spider man web of shadows in 3D Analyze please hlp me!!!

      • You can check the above comments for the settings of web of shadows.

      • Easy, just go to your graphics card control panel and tweak the settings to maximum performance, sacrificing video quality. Then you will be able to play Web of Shadows smoothly without lag or crash. (I m using a low end Nvidia GeForce 540M graphics card only.)

    • hey, i have graphics card of 256mb but i want to run the games which required 512mb graphics card.I have tried by lowering all the things like resolution,antiliasing,anisotropic.But that didn’t work.Please can you tell me how to run.

      • That might be because of the wrong settings you are using in 3d analyzer. Try using different settings in 3d analyzer and try. But its not guaranteed that it will work.

    • hey i want to play prototype on my pc but dont have a graphic card

      can any one tell me how to run it useing 3d analiser

    • i’d like to know the step wise approach towards extracting the .exe file. i have downloaded the 3danalyser, what to do after run option?

      • Here is a video on using 3d analyzer to play the games, it will answer all your doubts reading running 3d analyzer to play the game.

    • How 2 run Moh Airborne??????????plz help……..

    • How 2 rum MoH airborne?

    • with the help of this software, can i play san andreas? my specs are :992 MB RAM DDR2
      32 MB Graphic Memory, DX 9.0c… if so, what and all should i check in the software?

    • hey can anybody tell me how to play nfs carbon using swift shader

    • please tell me how to run avatar game without graphic card

      • Just run choose the settings as needed in 3d analyzer and run the game, its that simple. But before that make sure the game is supported by it. You can apply the settings given in any of the above comments.

    • dude what iam playing street fighter wihtout graphic card and run very slow but iam download ur 3d analyizer but this is not work how can i play this game in this software…..

      • Its easy just check the above comments. It have given some ways as the replies to some of the readers comments. You can use one of them and play the game if it is supported.

    • what r settings for nfs undercover????????

      i need 2 play it. plz tell me

    • hi
      thanks for the software ,it works perfectly ,but there is a problem that the game automatically selects a resolution that is not supported by my system
      resulting only the game starts but i can’t see anything
      can you help me out??

      • Try lowering your systems resolution manually and then start the game. Also look for any config files in the game directory which might have the option to select the game resolution.

        • thnx man!!
          does this software works for nfs carbon and newer releases??
          it’s not workin 4 me

          • Nope the current version of 3d analyzer wont support it, we need to wait.

            • hi
              i use swift shader v2.0 to run ‘tom clancy Splinter Cell Chaos Theory’
              but it’s slow, i’ve already reduced the graphics to min config
              or can u tel me how it works with 3d analyzer

            • If its working with swift then its fine. You might be out of memory thats why the program might have got slow. Try freeing up used apps from memory and try running it again. It ll work. Else you need much more powerful processor.

            • thnx,but i’m having 2.83ghz dual core processor and 2.5gb ram,isn’t it sufficient to wrk with swift shader

            • Yes i think its sufficient. More over the game’s pixel shader version must be supported by 3d analyzer.

    • Hey amal,remember me. After your suggestion of buying a new graphic card, i thought on it. I checked my motherboard and i found that there are only three PCI slot. There are no AGP or other slot. I live in a small city in eastern up and checked the market but there were no graphic card for my motherboard. There are several graphic card on the internet to purchase but my father fears that if that graphic card wont fit in mine,then what shall he do? Hey amal,please tell me is it safe to purchase graphic card from internet and if by chance it dont fit in mu motherboard can it be exchanged?
      Please help me?

      • It will depend on the type of seller from which you purchase your item, any way it is good to look in ebay and contact the preferred seller directly via mail or phone and you can discuss it with the seller. So, you can be safe.

    • anybody give me the website to download swiftshader

    • I can’t play wildlife zoo and I am upset because it requirers PixelShader 1.1! PLEASE HELP!

    • hiiii frendz i nedd the 3d analyze setting for assasins creed , devil may cry(1,2,3,4) , prototype, crysis, ninja gaiden, dragon age
      plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz faster iwill be very thankful……….waiting for reply

    • i want to play assasins creed ,can smoeone tell wht’s its shader model requirement mine is model 2 how to run the game in shader model 2

      • Bro, i dont think assassins creed will work. It needs a much higher pixel shader version support.

      • u didnt play assassins creed using 3d analyzer but u can game starting trailer exactly games i tried that i can play without problems resident evil 4 pop sands of time just cause 1

    • I want to play prince of persia epilogue…can anybody tell me 3d analyzer setting for that….plzzz help me ….my email address is

    • can u tell from where we can download the latest version of direct x thank u and plz find the solution fast !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Here is the link for latest direct X download

    • hey how we can run bloodrayne 2 bcs when i try to run it says direct x error code something like that what should i do ????????

      • That might be the problem of the missing direct x files, try installing new version of direct X or try installing direct x if it is provided along with the game.

    • i cannot play devil may cry 4 on 945g chipset with 1gb ram,128mb internal graphics, cpu- intel core2duo @2.4ghz
      what should i do to run it. Whenever i run it through 3D analyzer v2.36b and swiftshader
      v2.1 ,it only says that unsupported pixel shader version2.0
      Please give me something to run it.
      I’ve very hope that it may run and i’m very eager to play it

      • @gauravdutta,
        friend i dont have anything special to make the game run. It means what it said, the pixel shader version required for the game has not been supported by the emulators currently. If you love to play games why dont you go in for a graphics card. There are very cheap now a days. You can get a fairly good one for around rs 5000.

        • but i don’t want to spend money it as my father is not buying a graphics card for me and i also do not get pocketmoney. so please give me some emulators to run that game as i want to play the game.

    • Hey,
      I have tried but didn’d work.Do you have some solution.?
      This is the system requirement for Medal of Honor Pacific Assualt:-
      Recommended Configuration

      = Windows XP or Windows 2000
      = 2.0+ GHz Intel Pentium IV or AMD Athlon processor
      = 512 MB RAM
      = 3D video card with 128+ MB video memory which fully supports
      DirectX 9.0
      = At least 3.0 GB free space on your hard drive for Standard
      Edition, and 4.5 GB free space for Director’s Edition.

      Minimum Configuration

      = Windows XP or Windows 2000
      = 1.5 Ghz Intel Pentium IV or AMD Athlon processor
      = 512 MB RAM
      = 3D video card with 64+ MB video memory which fully supports
      DirectX 8.1
      = At least 3.0 GB free space on your hard drive for Standard
      Edition, and 4.5 GB free space for Director’s Edition.

      Medal of Honor Pacific Assault has been tested with the following
      3D video cards under Windows 2000 and Windows XP:

      ATI Radeon 8500, 9000 Pro, 9200, 9500, 9600, 9700, 9800
      ATI Radeon x300, x600, x800
      Nvidia GeForce 3, GeForce3 Ti 200
      Nvidia GeForce4 Ti 4200 with AGP8X, GeForce Ti 4600, GeForce4 Ti 4800 SE
      Nvidia GeForceFX 5200, 5300, 5500, 5600, 5700, 5750, 5800, 5900, and 5950
      Nvidia GeForce 6800

      • Try the settings in this picture below Usually i find the settings with trial and error method. Just try with different settings friend, it might work that’s how i do.

    • hey amal have u solved my failed to create 3d device problem plz help me i wanna play onimusha 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi
      I have a Pentium 4 3.0GHz processor
      760 mb of DDR1 ram
      no graphics card (not even inbuilt)
      I tried playing Hitman Blood Money but it wont open.
      Tales of Monkey island (works very slowly with very bad graphics) did not improve after using the 3d analyzer
      GTA San Andreas: Copland (which normally works slow) did not open.
      I read it somewhere that 3d analyzer requires a minimum of 1 GB ram, will it work on mine??
      Also, will FIFA 10 work on my pc , if not which is the latest one that will work with 3d analyzer??? (fifa 07 works fine but 08 doesn’t)

      • No bro the new games require good amount of ram too. Even if you are able to match up the graphics settings the ram will be a problem. Atleast a 2GB is required.

        • Thanks a lot man.
          Dude sorry by mistake i copied the whole page
          Just check system requirements

          System Requirements:
          Operating system: Windows XP / Vista
          Processor: 2.0 GHz + (3 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent rec.)
          Memory: 512MB (1GB rec.) Sound: DirectX 8.1 sound device
          Video: 64MB DirectX 8.1-compliant video card (128MB rec.)
          DirectX®: Version 9.0c or better
          Thanks again

          • @Jason,
            The settings are ok, if oyu have tried out 3d analyzer, and found no much graphic detail then there is a program called SwiftShader (you can see in the comments by other people above) it gives you better results for some games. You can try SwiftShader.
            Good Luck

    • I m try to run MOHAB system requirement is :
      Video Memory: 128 MB (nVidia 6600 GT/ATI Radeon X1300)
      Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
      DirectX: 9.0c

      how can i set this?

      • Opps. Sorry. You didn’t mention the requirements of the game. The only way to find the settings is by trying different ones. ie by trial & error method.

        • here’s the requirements of the game MOHAB:-
          Minimum System Requirements
          OS: Windows XP/Vista
          Processor: Pentium 4 @ 2.8 GHz (3 GHz for Vista) or Athlon Equivalent
          Memory: 1 GB
          Hard Drive: 9.1 GB Free
          Video Memory: 128 MB (nVidia 6600 GT/ATI Radeon X1300)
          Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
          DirectX: 9.0c
          Keyboard & Mouse
          DVD Rom Drive (8X)

          Recommended System Requirements
          OS: Windows XP/Vista
          Processor: Pentium D @ 3.8 GHz or Athlon Equivalent
          Memory: 1 GB
          Hard Drive: 9.1 GB Free
          Video Memory: 256 MB (nVidia 7800 /ATI Radeon X1800)
          Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
          DirectX: 9.0c
          Keyboard & Mouse
          DVD Rom Drive (8X)

          Please help in this. I m try 3D analyzer but it didn’t work.

    • can u solve this problem when i run onimusha or xmen 3 then it says could not initialize direct 3d device and make sure the direct 3d device is set to full what should i do ????????

      • i dont know why exactly thats happening. But i can give you one help. Check this post in this(–failed-to-create-direct-3d-device.html)forum. This problem is being discussed there.

      • Maybe, you can try swiftshader. It will work..

    • Hey thanks amal. I wil check it out.
      By the way, i was struggling to run this game(CONAN:THE DARK AXE) for a year.
      But luckily, am running it now with the help of swiftshader 2.01. :mrgreen:

    • what settings i shuld use to run onimusha 3 ???????

      • Sorry shaurya, i dont know exactly what are the settings. I havent tried onimusha 3. You can try using different settings. Use a particular setting and try playing the game, if it doesn’t work try with another. Thats how i usually find the settings in 3d analyzer.

    • hey hppy new year and i am ready to buy a graphics card but i want of nvidia can u tell me which one to buy i should choods shader moder 3 or 4 plz tell i will be very happy !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • In my opinion ATI i the best right now. Coz the new cards suppoort Direct X 11 so it will support the upcoming games too . For nvidia i recommend the NVIDIA GeForce GT 220.

    • Hi Amal,
      Can you tell me the 3D analyze settings for transformers game.

      As soon as i started the game, the screen goes black and says ‘Transformers executable has stopped working//

      Am having:
      Intel Core 2 Duo 2.53 GHz Processor
      2 Gb RAM
      1 Tb HDD
      128 inbuilt video memory.(But because of windows-seven, i can make it as 256 :))

      • @Shan

        You have a pretty good configuration for your pc. Here check out this video . It will help you.

    • Thanks a lot friend/sir thanQ very much it really works but still there’s some problem in the lower screen there is something like ‘lines’ or ‘blur’ but still i could play it .:)
      thanks a lot
      Than you
      Now i can play pop1 as well as pop3 :)
      sorry to disturb you but i’m having some problem in lower screen :(
      once again Than-Q

    • how to set it please please tell me please
      i have intel p4 3.00GHz,1 g.b of ram.
      Please i really want to play it [i’ve tried 3d analyser and the game runs but only sound no video

      • The settings might vary with different systems. Just try using these Emulate HW TnL Caps, Emulate other dc8.1 caps, Emulate pixel shader caps, and Force high precision pixels.. You can find the apt settings by trying out different settings your own.

    • Hey amal,

      now my PC purpose are gaming, also some designing works in photoshop and illustrator, working on Oracle too!!! ….Numerous processes running at bg makes System crappy….deleting processes making me ill….system doesnt coping up with me……And also my budget is only 2k to 3k…if possible,i can add up more to my budget if u tell me what i’m wanna upgrade???

      Plz rply for my comment in your adsense section

      Thanks in advance…bye

    • Hi sir/friend i want to know that i can play prince of persia the two thrones or sand of time on my pc using 3d analyzer ?
      My pc don’t have a graphic card and i can’t buy it now but i really want to play them so if you can help me i’ll be very thankful to you.

    • Hi amal,

      its shabeer again…Can you tell me wat shal i upgrade from what i’m having now?
      Will upgrading the ram give the better performance or should i wanna change the entire cpu cabinet?i need your suggestion plz…

      Thanks in advance and the happy new year….
      .-= shabeer´s last blog ..NASA and the doomsday =-.

      • It would be best if you can do an upgrade than adding ram. I can help you better and give you the best pc configuration for upgrading your PC. Just tell me whats the purpose of the pc? is it for gaming, designing, for small office work etc. And also how much is your budget.

      • i would say you could just upgrade the mother board with that and after gathering some more money you could opt for a graphic card . But with this very low budget upgrading to a good 4Gb Ram would be better, though you wont get a commendable performance gain but your apps wont slow system down if more memory is there..

    • unfortunately i do not have a pci-express port on my motherboard.

      By the Way any idea how much the nvidia 9500gt pci will cost?

      also is their any other better pci graohic card?

      • It might cost less than 100$ any how. Since these are not around and outdated, i dont know about t its availability. But going for these outdated cards are not a good idea these days. It will be simply a waste of money, so instead search in the net for some good cheap mother boards. All of the mother boards today support the new graphic cards. The mother boards can cost around 2500 – 8000.

    • Ok Amal bhai I will Try.

      I wanted an advice from you, Which is the Best PCI Graphic Card (NOT PCI-EXPRESS ! ONLY PCI !)

      I have searched on the web, and found Nvidia 9500GT PCI Graphic card, is there any other which is better

      Also, can you give me the link to that Forum, where you found the settings ?

      Thanks ! Have a happy new year ahead ! ;-)

      • The Nvdia 9500 Gt is a good graphic card. But you need to go for a PCI Express graphic card as they are more cheaper and give more performance. Here’s the link to the forum

    • can u tell how i can upgrade my pc components like graphics card,processer without changing any thing ???????

      • For that you need to have a mother board that can support the new graphic card and processor you are going to buy. Tell me the configuration and model of you mother board and the new components you want to buy.

    • Hi amal,

      My pc config is AMD athlon 64 processor 3200+,2 GHz and 1gb of ram,XP sp2.

      When i start pop two thrones, i am getting a complete black screen with the audio at background…I tried swift shader too….Same problem occured again….I played sands of time with 3d analyser it worked nice and for warrior within,i played without that support softwares…Please tell me the settings and is the above requirement is enough for me to play pop two thrones?Thanks in advance

      • @shabeer,
        i know the other two games can be played smoothly with this configuration. But for two thrones the graphics demand is more, so the 2 GHZ processor might not suffice. I dont know what exactly the settings are, but what i do is try to find the settings by trial and error method.

    • hey amal bhai !

      man i have geforce 5200fx PCI 256mb GPU, i want to run Call of Duty 4 MW, what settins should i use ?

      • I dont know bro exactly what will be the settings. You can try these settings which i got from a forum, Emulate HW TnL Caps, Emulate other dc8.1 caps, Emulate pixel shader caps, and Force high precision pixels.

    • thankyu and can u tell where i can download x-men the official game directly ????????????

    • I have problems with downloading files from or from any other site. IDM downloads HTML pages instead of real files. Is there any way to solve this problem?

      • Hey shaurya. Use the contact page to ask questions different from the content in here. Before Clicking on the download link. Hold down Alt Key and click it. You will get the file.

    • Hey Shaurya, it would be better if you can contact me directly via the contact link. Downloading method for games is different for many sites. All sites might not have same methods. All you have to do is install he download manager and get the download link from the site and click add in IDM, and press ok and start the dowload.

    • how we can use internet download manager plz tell me

    • my budget is 4 to 6 thousand

      • Well. You can Go for an Ati Radeon 4670 1 GB. It will weel suit your gaming requirements. But if you are considerate about DX11 Games a Ati Radeo 5770 is the sweetest graphic card you shuold consder if you can afford that by adding a just 2000Rs to your current budget.

    • and do u think the pc version of god of war which is released in 2009 will be afforded by 3d analyzer bcs it does need pixel shader3 it only needs the graphic card nvidia 6600 so can it be runed on the computer

      • I dont know about it clearly since i have not tried it. But i can tell you one thing for sure 3D analyzer dont have support for pixel shader 3, so the game might face problems when run.

    • e link u told me of the set fsb it is not working

      • Sorry its not working now. It was working till yesterday. Dont worry. Extract the software and run it. Upon running move the slider by small 5 increments. Move it and try running games for 5 minute. If they dont get stuck move it again by 5 increments. Do this process until the game runs soothly. Upon reaching a value the game will get stuck, pc will freeze, at this point restart the system and use the previous value (not this value but the one use just before this). Thats it.
        Good Luck

    • can u tell which graphics card i should buy i wanna plzy these games

      2.devil may cry 4

      • I dont know how much is your budget. The ATI Radeon 5770 is a best bang for the buck. The graphic card supports Direct X 11 too and the games to be released in the future can be ran on this graphcs card effortlessly. It costs around 7000RS. Its the best out there. I am currently using the older version of it which supports direct x 10.1 but not 11. It cost me around 7000. I recommend you to go for the ATI radeon 5770.

    • amal… i want the 3d analyzer settings for prototype.. i tried running it with my pc and it diddnt. my specs are:

      Processor: AMD turion 64 x 2 mobile 1.9ghz
      Ram: 2 gb
      Graphics Card: ATI Radeon xpress 1200 128mb

      • Check this video on playing prototype using 3d analyzer. I dont think the processor can handl.le the game. But i think you have a graphics card that some what good.
        Good Luck

    • i have downloaded set fsb but how to use it plz tell

    • amal….. i tried 2 play farcry 1 with 3d analyzer run fine,and smoother with it………..u knw 1st farcry hv also a prob of texture or colour (all surface got black)…,but problem occure only with godfather …m also tried shifshader 2 play it but nothin change…
      can u tell me wy it blinking with using 3d analyzer


      • Sorry friend i didn’t get what the problem is. Try using different settings. Also install the latest device drivers for your graphic card. Some times that may solve some problems.

    • Hey amal.
      Friend, please tell me some utilities to find whether the CPU is getting overheated or not.
      I am very sad . It did not happen earlier. Prince of persia and Godfather are not so processing hungry games.It also happened when i was playing GTA vice city.What can you tell about that.
      That game do not require large processing power.I upgraded my RAM to play more games but it is not happening out.

      Friend , please…….. help me

      • @Princu

        Friend you need to understand that adding more memory doesnt mean you can play most games. The processor power counts and also the first preference is for the graphics card. you can use Everest free edition to monitor cpu temperature. You can find many utilities apart from that just google it.

    • hi amal….there is some problem I emulated everything first in the Hardware Limits (cap bits)
      and it worked,very slowly,and the image was blinking continuously , but it worked.

      So, I remebered you told me to emulate only shaders.then i
      tried to emulate all 1 by 1 but nothing change. but when i run game without 3d anlyzer it run fastly smoother no blinking but screen come widout colour in game every thing white …..

      Is there something like a cache file which i should delete to do as if it was my first use of the emulation??

      And if you got advices for blinking images…


      • @vivek

        3D analyzer have certain problems. If your cpu is able to handle the game properly then every thing works properly. There is a software called swift shader similar to 3d analyzer. You can also try it.

    • Friend.
      Please tell me the settings for Godfather.
      Also i have another problem.
      Prince of persia and godfather(with and without 3d analyze)
      hangs after certain duration of time.
      Could you please tell me the possible causes and its remedy

      • Its like trial and error finding the right settings for a games. I havent played it friend. Thats why i dont have the stings currently. The game hangs after certain time? These are the possible reasons for it. You system might get overheated and the processor may lose its stability and the games may get hang. Try opening the pc case or monitor the CPU temperature. If it goes too high, try cleaning up the cooling fan or its time to get a new coolant. This can also cause when the cpu is not able to process the game. When extreme game load is thrown at the cpu it hangs. It can also cause due to faulty game installation. It was the case when i played maxpayne. Try reducing the resolution and play the games it might fix it.

    • hello,

      i am trying to play tombraider anniversary but it says that my graphic card doesnot support DirectX9.0c 3D acceleration.

      • You are getting the error because your graphics card is old. You need to buy a new graphics card if its the case. Also try ugrading the graphics drivers.

    • Amal. thamks for answering the question.
      I tried swiftshader and i was actually able to run the game but not been able to play due to low fps.I tried all the settings to run game smoother in swiftshader but it did not work.I Have bought godfather recently and it ran.
      but the problem is that it is running slow even on low setting.
      Can you please suggest some settings to put in for godfather in 3d analyze.
      Well apart from that , i would like to know your ASL.
      Thanks in adbance

      • There There is no settings that can actually be changed to get more fps. You are getting low fps because the software needs a processor with good amount of processing power. Atleast a 3.0 core 2 duo is demanded.

    • Hey amal.
      I am very sorry to trouble you again.
      Please tell me the settings for OMINUSHA 3 :DEMON SIEGE
      It gives an eroor that couldnot prep[eare the display

      • @ princu

        Friend actually i am hearing about such a game for the first time. You can try lowering your display resolution and try running the game.

    • Hi amal.
      This is princu.
      One of my friend has bought Nfs carbon yesterday .
      He is not able to play Nfs carbon though his system satisfies the minimum requirements.I think this is because of his graphic card which does not support pixel shader 1.4 which is required in order to run nfs carbon.

      Please tell me the setting.His system configurations are pretty much similar to mine.

      Hope,this time, You will also not let me down.

      • Yes. I have heard that 3 d analyzer wont run nfs carbon properly. But there is another software called swift shader that can run the games like 3 d analyzer. But i dont know much about it. But its better to upgrade the graphics card as it is more worth to spend some money to get a powerful graphics card if you are a serious gamer.

    • Hi amal,this is princu again.
      Thanks for answering the queston.
      please.. you tell me the settings for pop(prince of persia) two thrones.

      • Sure friend. Here are the settings

        Check the following after selecting the “your game’s -> exe” here it’s PrinceOfPersia.exe

        Performance section:
        -force zBuffer

        Hardware limits:
        -emulate HW TnL caps
        -emulate Pixel shader caps

        ANTI-DETECT MODE section:

        Z-buffer section:
        -24 bit zbuffer(with stencil)

        DirectX DeviceID’s section:
        NVIDIA GeForce Ti4600 Configuration:
        VendorID : 4318
        Device ID :592


        There might be White screen when you press run and game starts.

        Just set the
        Options->Graphics->Effects->Special Effects=Medium.
        Options->Graphics->Advanced->V-Sync = Enable.
        Resolution = 800 x 600 x 32.

    • hey amal plz tell how 2 fix these problems by 3d analyzer………as same problem come in left 4 dead 1

    • amal==i hv 2.4 ghtz processor,1.27gb ram,64mb video ram inbuild intel no external graphics card using direct x 9c tell me plz how ican play the game on 3d analyzer 2.36b … the god father1, medal of honor pacific assult ,farcry1 , call of juraz 1, thief dedly shadow or other good games …. in farcry there is problem on texture like all ground(grass) got black & mountain on diff colours……..
      …….in god father game start but same texture prob all building got white fade colour

      i want 2 also know that can i play latest or more advance game (like call of duty 2,3,4,,brother in arm etc) in this sys information by 3d analyzer ………. reply plz

      • Yes games like call of duty 4 might have problems with 3d analyzer. But you can try a software called swift shader, it think that gives much more better results.

        • but for these game which i mentioned on the above comment …those will run by 3d analyzer or not

          • yes. You can try the following settings for godfather in 3d analyzer (these settings are actually that of prince of persia’s 3d analyzer settings).

            Performance section:
            -force zBuffer

            Hardware limits:
            -emulate HW TnL caps
            -emulate Pixel shader caps

            ANTI-DETECT MODE section:

            Z-buffer section:
            -24 bit zbuffer(with stencil)

            DirectX DeviceID’s section:
            NVIDIA GeForce Ti4600 Configuration:
            VendorID : 4318
            Device ID :592

            If there are problems, try reducing the game resolution and color.

    • Respected friend,
      My rig is 3 year old and it now can not run any new games.
      My PC configuration-
      Intel Pentium 4 HT 3.06 ghz
      1 Gb DDR RAM
      Windows 7 Ultimate
      Intel 82865g Graphic Controller with integrated 96 mb memory
      Can you tell the setings for Spiderman friend or foe,nfs carbon,nfs prostreet.
      You please also tell some games which 3d analyze is capable on running on my rig.

      • You can try these settings in this picture friend. How ever 3D analyzer supports only upto Shader Model 2.0 and Spider Man 3 needs Shader Model 3.0. So there might be some issue some times.

    • hi amal thank u yar for responsing immediately freind… can u help me in this game too…. i have following games lik F.E.A.R and crysis warhead and gta4…. for crysis warhead 512graphic card is required(geforce 8800) and for F.E.A.R 256mb any basic graphic card.. plz help me in this to friend…

      • @Santha
        Friend, for games like crysis warhead, F.E.A.R and gta4 pixel shader version 3.0 is needed to be supported by 3d analyzer and the current version doesn’t. But you can try a software called Swift Shader if you want. But i am not sure whether it works. Here is a tutorial on using swiftshader to run games without graphics card.

    • Hi amal i have intel core 2 multi core processor its a gamer choice processor and i have 3gb ram but no graphics card friend. Can u tell how to run frontlines fuel of war game with out using graphics card. This game need video nvidia 6800GT or ATI X800XT. Please tell how to run this game friend.

      • @Santha
        Sure friend. You have a pretty good system configuration. I think fuel of war has somewhat similar system requirements as that of Prototype. So i recommend you to try the settings in 3d analyzer as seen on this picture.

        Tip : You can get a good graphics card today at really cheap prices. If you are thinking of playing the latest graphics demanding games, then try going for the ATI 5xxx graphics cards then are between 7000 – 27000. A graphic card for rs 7000 is really good enough to play most of the new games.

        Good Luck

    • hi amal iam i knw man that some people able to ryn ned for speed undercover but iam unable man by this good sytm configrations also..i tink i making some mistak in 3D analyzer software so man can u help me step by step of what configratin values i enter to run this game plz help me soon bcs i want to play this game soon…….:)

    • what r rrequirements for bio shock to run
      my pc have config like nvidia 5200 Gs graphics card
      amd sempron 1.3 GHz but bio shock and many games wont run
      Please help me

    • You system configuration is pretty goo to match p the requirements. As far as i know i have heard that using swiftshader 2.0 some peple are able to run NEED FOR SPEED UNDERCOVER.


    • 3D analyzer supports only upto Shader Model 2.0 and Borderlands needs Shader Model 3.0 So the game wont work with this.

    • can this run borderlands …my laptop has crappy nvidia geforce go 6150 and not supported. all my other specs are up to par. if so, what would be the settings ?

    • @Shaurya

      Friend that means your system config doesnt match the game. The only option is to have a new graphics card.

    • @John

      First let me tell you your processor doesnot support overclocking to very high values. You can try the tool SetFSB for overclocking the pc.

      Also you need to know that when the system temperature rises it really damages the system components by time.

      When overclocking ges to very high values the processor's stability loses and the system wont respond again what ever you do unless it is reset or powered off and on. So there is of no use of the option to automatically turn off the pc when the temperature rises when considering overclocking cpu.

      You can try SetFSB to overclock the cpu. But remember do it with caution.

    • It seems that you have a pirated version of the game and the main file might contain virus and hence deleted by antivirus software in your pc.

      You can try installing the game again on another directory after uninstalling the current one you have and try again.

    • Well,I have bought a new graphics card (Nvidia Geforce 8600 GT) and it's working pretty well.But,it looks like I need a more powerful processor for PS-2 emulation using PCSX-2 which is more CPU intensive than GPU.So, I think the only way to solve this problem without spending a fortune on a new processor is by overclocking my CPU.But,my bios doesn't have any of the options required for overclocking.So,can you suggest me some decent and safe overclocking softwares for my CPU.Don't worry about temperature problem,I have an option in BIOS that shutdowns PC when it reaches a high temperature mark.

      My PC specs:-

      1)Intel Pentium Dual CPU E2180 @ 2.00 Ghz & 1 MB L2 cache.
      2)Mercury PNMCP73V Motherboard with Nvidia 610i chpiset and Geforce 7050 onboard grapics chipset.
      3)Nvidia Geforce 8600GT 512 MB.
      4)160 GB SATA HDD.
      5)2 GB DDR2 RAM @ 800Mhz.

      I shall be grateful if you'll help me out here.

    • it does not start even what should i do ????????????????

    • this is nice if someone helps me out

    • i cant seem to find the main game file in call of duty 4 any help on what i should select

    • Yes you have the system requirements for running shrek 3. Try using the settings given in this picture.
      It can work.

    • hey i have a problem that when i try to run shrek 3 or 007 quantum of solace using the analyzer it is not even starting so what should i do i have everything except the graphics card !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I am sorry to say a No friend. The game requires a minimum system requirement of 1 GB ram or more.

      When you buy games next time always look out for the system requirement of the games before purchasing it. You can try upgrading your ram if money is not a problem.

    • Dear,
      Can i run spiderman 3 on my PC having a
      512 mb RAM
      128mb graphic card
      120gb hard disk space
      i bought the orignal CD of it please help me

    • In order to run far cry you can use these settings seen. But to play it you need to have a powerful processor to handle the huge processing power.

    • erm hey amal how do i run far cry 2 with 3danaylze?
      i check force high and low precision pixel,emulate HW TNL caps and emulate pixel shader caps
      i reali want to play it

    • Sorry friend. No information is provided in the manufacturers website about the next version of 3d analyzer. Its better to save up some money and buy a new graphics card. Nothing can give you the real performance that a graphic card gives.

    • in that also it only shows white screen and when i run it with swiftshader then it works perfectly fine what should i do and can u tell when the pixel shader 3.0 version of 3d analyzer will be out ??????

    • spiderman friend or foe would work i think. Its requirements are low.

    • and for spiderman friend or foe

    • It is because the current version of 3d analyzer dont support pixel shader 3.0 which is needed to run spider man 3. Spider Man 3 is also a graphic intensive game. You really need one graphic card to play it.

    • when i run spider man 3 on 3d analyzer it only gives a white screen and the game sounds comes from ehind what is the problem plz help me

    • can u tell any other method of over clocking cpu through any software or something

    • Sorry my dear friend i know about these two softwares currently.
      But remember you will not get the performance that you could get on using a real graphics card with any software!
      Its good if you could buy a graphic card for your pc. You can enjoy all the games.

    • do u have graphics card can u tell other softwares like 3d analyzer or swiftshader so that i can run my games

    • Dear shaurya,

      That means your system wont support it. he only way is to get a new graphic card. A basic one would suit.

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